Your tools of the trade will be much safer with us than in your van overnight

Security of tools are vital to any tradesman as it is with this equipment that they are in business and can make a living. Some of these tools and equipment are expensive, and a secure storage location is a priority. With crime occurring every day, tradesmen have no option but to find tools storage that is safe and secure for their equipment. Boylin’s is the perfect place to store your tools overnight. Many trades have benefited from Boylin’s self-store including; plumbers, builders, electricians, cleaning companies and landscape gardeners. Tradesman storage at Boylin’s Self Store comes with many benefits. Some of them include;
CCTV Surveillance and Barrier Access Codes
Boylin’s self-store is always under CCTV surveillance. This gives you peace of mind that your tools and equipment are secure and safe from any theft or vandalism.
Multiple size storage containers
The storage containers at Boylin’s self-store are many and come in different sizes. This means that chances of getting a rental space are pretty high. Regardless of how big or small your equipment is, there is always secure and enough storage for your equipment. Also, your tools are measured to provide information on how much space you require.
Storage facilities are on ground level making it easy for you to drive up to your storage location and offload or pick up your tools. It is a hassle free environment with no lifts, corridors or uneven ground to deal with it. This also reduces accidents and damages to your goods during moving.
Boylin’s self-store not only provide tradesman with safe tools storage but also puts into consideration the price. The storage price is fair and competitive, and the team of professionals is at hand to help you get storage location within your budget.
Multiple locations
Boylin’s self-store is available in multiple locations including; Barnsley, Leeds, Sheffield, Rotherham, Bradford and Wakefield among others. Wakefield tradesman storage has all the above privileges enabling tradesmen who reside in that location easy access.
In addition to providing tools storage, Boylin’s self-store also offers personal and business storage facilities. A tour is given to any person interested in having a view of the storage facility providing insight on how secure the facility is.
 For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Boylin’s self-store at 01226 321 800 or visit their website:
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