How to Categorise and Take Control over your Inventory of Self Stored Belongings in Bradford

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Boylin’s Self Store Bradford is your ultimate long-term or short-term storage solution.

With multiple locations across the UK, we offer water proof units with 24/7 CCTV and camera surveillance.

In fact, our self storage Bradford location also features gated areas, high fences, and alarm locks on all doors and units.

There are also convenient slopes for easy unloading and loading into your self storage container.

With units in all sizes, Boylin’s Self Store Bradford services are perfect for all home or business moves.

They are equally great for local businesses that need extra room to house their inventory and stock.

We also feature convenient onsite supply stores with boxes, tapes, ropes and everything you need for your storage.

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Take Control over Your Self Storage Inventory

One of the most common issues we encounter is inventory categorising.

In fact, from businesses to families that need storage – there are some easy ways to keep track of your stored inventory and items.

Here are some essential tips on organising and maximising your storage-space unit:

  • Categorise all belongings – you can create checklists by room, activity or item size. For example: sporting equipment can be kept together in boxes, while kitchen items can be kept separate.
  • Labeling your boxes – it’s always important to label your boxes, bins and containers. For example:  “kitchenware”, “seasonal items”, “holiday decorations’, etc.
  • Easy access items – while you are guaranteed access to all your items 24/7, it’s always best to place the items you regularly need in the front. This will save you time, while keeping items you do not use regularly in the back or sides.
  • Make a diagram – sketch a diagram or take photos of your stored items and boxes. This will help you locate your items faster and more efficiently.
  • Utilize vertical space – try storing items on shelves to free up essential floor space. This will give you more leg room and freedom to move around your unit(s).

Bradford Self-Storage Solutions

Introduction offer £18.99 per week for 150 sqft

Bradford self storage is a cost-effective solution for all types of moving. This includes residential and commercial moves, along with needing extra space to house old items. From old furniture and wall units to business stock and inventory, Boylin’s Self Store can truly help you de-clutter your home or business. In fact, our units are large enough to store vintage cars, motorcycles and even boats! All it takes is one phone call to us on 01274 737597 or visit to any of our locations to experience the difference. For more information, simply contact us on 01274 737597 or visit:

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