Which Baby accessories can you self store for the future in Barnsley

Young father feeding a bay in highchairBabies are cute and adorable but will eventually grow up.

With this in mind, where will you store all their old clothing, toys, cribs and more?

While you can certainly give these items away, you are probably holding on to them for sentimental value or later use.

The problem is that these items tend to take up plenty of space, and may even be cluttering rooms, basements and attics.

If you are looking to safely store them, look no further than Boylin’s Self Store in Barnsley. We features multiple self storage containers in different sizes – all are weather or water proof and with easy loading and unloading access.

From large baby cribs and walkers to comforters and clothing, our units are truly the perfect solution for short or long term self storage in Barnsley.

As always, we are here to help you every step of the way, including but not limited to:

  • Onsite store with boxes and all storage and packing materials.
  • Cost affordable payment rental plans – pay as you go rentals or tap into current deals and savings for long term self storage shipping container.
  • Friendly staff members which are on-site around the clock that can help you maximise your unit’s space.
  • Boylin’s storage units in Barnsley have ample leg and storage room for optimal convenience and mobility.

Baby playing on floorThe Boylin’s self store team in Barnsley also offer the following suggestions for storing baby accessories:

  • Fold up portable strollers and place them in boxes – you can easily slide these item in and out as desired.
  • Disassemble large cribs, play pens, or divans that you no longer use – you can arrange to have these items picked up by a friend or loved one when their bundle of joy is on the way.
  • Place old baby clothing in boxes or Tupperware for easy loading and unloading.
  • Place baby toys and accessories in boxes – but try to stack then neatly and not on top of each other for easy access.
  • As always,  mark your boxes and keep a checklist inventory of all your items stored; baby things, furniture, TVs, family heirlooms, electronics, wall units, etc.

Boylin’s Self Storage in Barnsley Solutions

With Boylin’s self storage shipping containers in Barnsley, you never have to worry about cluttering your home with baby items ever again.

If your baby is not at toddler age – you can still rent our units to store items for future use if needed.

At Boylin’s, we are always committed to meeting all your self storage needs within time and budget.

For more information on self storage units in Barnsley, simply contact us today or visit:

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