Where to store your Life when moving out of ‘Mum’s’ house in Leeds.

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Unlike many young people of your age you have decided that it is time that you moved out of your mother’s house in Leeds and into your own place.

Unfortunately, with the big rent hikes in the city and all around the country it is impossible for you to find a place big enough to hold all your possessions.

This is a common excuse that is given by young people all the time – since they cannot move out with all their things they figure that they would rather live with their parents until they can afford to rent a proper flat.

Fortunately for you Boylin’s have a solution – if you choose Boylin’s self storage in Leeds you can move into a small flat and when you move up the ladder and can afford to rent a bigger place you can move all your things in.

Boylin’s Self Stores in Leeds, is one of the best rental shipping container facility in the area. We don’t just work with young people who are looking to leave the nest.

student dreaming of holidays and foreign destinationsMany of our customers are university students who are on holiday and are looking to keep their property safely until they return. Others have taken a gap year, and because they don’t want to pay for apartment space that they will not use, they store their property with us for the duration they are away.

One of the best things about Boylin’s Self Stores is that we charge very affordable prices.

We understand that reason why many people choose containers in the first place is because they cannot afford big monthly expenditures of any kind.

Whatever size of container you choose you will find that we charge prices that you can afford.happy make student with backpack

We understand that a key concern of people who use storage containers is the safety of their items.

Boylin’s Leeds takes extra care to assure you that everything you store with us will be safe for the duration.

Each of our self store shipping containers is top notch and only you can access your rentals, and all are weather proof so you don’t have to worry about moisture damage. Since all containers in our Boylin’s Leeds facility are on ground level you will find it easy to store and retrieve your items – in fact, you can drive your van right up to your container.

In case you are not sure about the size of containers that you will need there is an employee at the facility at all times to guide you through your storage space and our services.

We advise you to ensure that your items are packed safely. All breakables should be wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper. Big items such as furniture should be covered with a sheet to keep dust away. You should label all boxes so that finding items will be easy later.

You can find out how to rent self storage in Leeds on our website here:

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