What is a Pop-Up Entrepreneur and How can Self Storage Help in Bradford

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Pop-up businesses are becoming very common in Bradford – more and more people are seizing the opportunity to set up pop-up shops, and customers like them because they are able to get special items easily and at discounted prices.

In case you haven’t heard of them, pop-up entrepreneurs are people who set up shop in street corners, malls and special events, lay out their wares and then rely on the steady stream of traffic to buy from them.

These are profitable ventures because they don’t come with the other costs of running a business – you don’t have to pay monthly rent, you don’t have to deal with payroll or other multiple costs that you would otherwise have to pay.

There is one thing that they have to deal with though – storage. Pop-up entrepreneur-ism relies on high volumes of sales and for this to happen you need to have lots of inventory, which means lots storage space.

If you have an idea in mind to run a pop-up shop for a week or a month or even a day you should try out self storage Bradford solutions. These are self storage shipping containers in Bradford that have been weather proofed and turned into self storage spaces in Bradford, and they work because of several reasons.

One is that you only pay a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise pay in a storage warehouse.

In fact, it is not just pop-up businesses that are using these self storage solutions in Bradford – many businesses have realised that they are able to cut down costs significantly by using self storage shipping container facilities in Bradford for their business storage.

The other reason why business self storage in Bradford works for pop-up businesses is that it is safe. The best self storage Bradford facilities ensure that all self storage containers are safe – they have secure locks as well as additional access barriers. They also have 24 hour CCTV surveillance which means that you are the only one who will be able to access your business inventory.

Make sure that you choose one that uses weather proofed self storage containers in Bradford – not all of them do.

Get assurances that your items will remain secure for the duration of self storage.

The other thing you should be careful about is stacking. Make sure that all self storage containers are on ground level otherwise you will have to climb every time you want to retrieve or store items.

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One self storage Bradford service that will not let you down is Boylin’s Self Store Bradford. They have a variety of sizes of self storage containers all of which are very secure, and they have an excellent track record for safe storage.

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Boylin’s self storage containers are all weather proof and they are on ground level with enough room so you can drive straight up to yours.

You can find out how to rent one for your next pop-up shop on their website here:

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