What are the benefits of storing your belongings with us?

Every once in a while you may find yourself in the need for extra storage space. Your home may not provide you with adequate space and hence the need to find a solution elsewhere.Boylins Self Store can offer you with personal storage solutions.  On the other hand, if you have a business and do need an extra space to archive your paperwork, the company we can also gladly offer you with the solution to this.
Boylins Self Store offers personal and domestic storage facilities across Yorkshire. Our storage facilities are good for storage of large household items like clothing, furniture, large appliances, as well as seasonal items like patio furniture and lawn mowers. 
All our storage containers are at a ground level allowing customers to easily drive up to their storage facility and unload. There are no obstacles like uneven ground, corridors, or lifts.
Security measures are high as the company has installed barrier controls as well as CCTV. You will also benefit from the high quality of services that is well matched with the price of a storage cotainer. 
Our storage containers vary in sizes: 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft.  
The requirements for booking a personal storage container are: 
•    Photo ID: passport or UK driving license or EU photo identity card
•    Address ID: mortgage statement or home insurance policy
•    Initial payment to cater for 1 month’s rent plus £50.00 refundable deposit
•    A completed Direct Debit Mandate
The company offers business storage services to a varying client base including offices that need to archive their paperwork, tradesmen requiring storage space for their tools, and invenory space for eBay businesses. 
With our business storage facilities, you are guaranteed of the following:
•    Accessibility with the ease of driving up to offload
•    Security ensured by the CCTV monitoring and access keys to these sites
•    Flexible budget as you can start off with a small container and upgrade to a bigger one with the growth of your business
•    Flexibility for how long you need the container for
•    All units are valeted before being rent ensuring they remain clean and dry
To book business storage you require:
•    Proof of company: Letterheaded paper including Company Registration and VAT number.
•    Company Address ID:  a bank statement or a Utility Bill
•    A month’s rent on the initial move in plus a refundable deposit of £50.00
Some of the advsntages of using Boylings are:
•    Same day access to your storage facility
•     Several different sized containers
•    Short and long term leases
•     Easy to get to locations 
•    Clean and Dry containers 
•    Security – CCTV monitoring and use of  fob or key access
If you have any difficulties in finding Barnsley storage containers, you can contact the firm or visit our website http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/selfStorage/ for more informaion
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