What are the advantages of having my own storage container?


More and more people are choosing to rent storage containers and it is easy to see why. Storage containers can be rented out for personal use or for business use. People who rent storage containers for personal storage usually use them to store items that they collect through their hobbies or excessive furniture and other items that cannot fit in the home. People also rent personal storage containers when they are going abroad and don’t want to pay rent on real estate that they will not be using. Another common reason for renting personal storage containers is to store eBay inventory. Many people are supplementing their income by selling goods on eBay on their free time.  Because they cannot store stock at home they choose storage containers which are affordable and safe. Tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, painters and so on also use storage containers to store their tools and supplies – if they store them in their vans they are likely to attract vandals. As for businesses, companies can rent storage containers for all sorts of reasons. One of the most common uses is document storage – there is no point in storing documents in the business premises when the space can be used in a more productive manner. Businesses also rent storage containers to store stock as well as finished products that are awaiting sale.When you are looking for storage containers there are certain qualities that you should be looking for:•    Safety and reliability. You want to use a storage container that has 24 hour-CCTV monitoring to deter thieves. If there are additional barriers such as fob or access keys it makes them even safer.•    The facility that you choose should be affordable – there are some that are unnecessarily expensive.•    Choose storage containers where all storage units are on ground level – if they are stacked and you get one that is high up you will have a hard time placing and removing items. It helps if you can drive right up to the door of your storage unit. One such storage facility is Boylin’s Self Store. We have a number of storage facilities in the area and what makes us such a good choice is how secure their facilities are, with CCTV surveillance as well as additional barriers, you can access your storage container from ground level any time. Go to our website to find out more today http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/ 

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