We’re local, affordable and secure; what more could you ask for from a storage company?!

When you are comparing Yorkshire storage companies there are certain qualities that you are looking for – you want to find one that is secure and that has done enough to make sure that clients’ items remain in the best shape possible while they are in storage. That is why you will not do better than Boylin’s Self Store. This is one of Yorkshire’s leading personal storage solutions and it is easy to see why people choose it over and over again. Here is what you will get if you take out personal storage solutions or business storage solutions at Boylin’s:

•    You get the best possible security. All containers in the facility are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day and as a further deterrent each also has either access f fob keys.

•    Boylin’s understands that it is paramount that clients find their items in the same shape that they were stored. That is why all their containers are weather proof – it doesn’t matter whether it rains, snows or shines – everything that you store with them, even documents, will remain dry.

•    You never have to rent more space than you need at Boylin’s because they have containers in different sizes. For even more convenience clients can get space the same day that they ask for it. All containers are cleaned thoroughly before a new client takes then over.

•    One thing that clients really appreciate at this storage facility is the fact that containers are not stacked one on top of another. Everything is on ground level which makes it easy to store and remove items. In addition to that there is enough room between containers so that clients can drive right up to the door.

•    You can rent a container for as long as you like and for as short as a week.

•    Boylin’s Self Store is not just about personal storage. You can store all kinds of items there so long as they are legal. People use them to store inventory, business documents and even vehicles.

•    If you compare what Boylin’s charges with what you get from other storage facilities in the area you will find that you are paying a very fair price for the quality of service that you are getting.

You can book a container today through Boylin’s website, http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/locations/wakefield.htm

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