Secure Caravan, Vehicle and Boat Self Storage and Parking in Yorkshire

Looking for car or caravan self storage?

Boylin’s boat, vehicle, motor home and caravan self storage is secure and great value for money. Our self storage services will free up valuable space at home or at work.

We offer self storage and parking services for all following vehicles:

  • caravans
  • motor homes
  • vans
  • classic cars or SORN vehicles
  • boats & trailer
  • classic cars
  • quads
  • trikes and motorbikes

You can find the closest Boylin’s self store with the help of our handy self store locator here.

Boylin’s Vehicle & Caravan Self Storage Excellence  Checklist

  • Designated parking spaces
  • Various payment options including pay monthly
  • Fenced with gate access
  • 24hr access
  • Very flexible terms
  • We provide a clean, hard standing surface for your caravan, boat or vehicle to rest on.
  • All vehicles are given their own space and you can access your vehicle whenever you want.
  • You keep your vehicle’s keys. No-one else will move your vehicle.
  • Easy access to all the storage spaces. No advance notice is required to access your vehicle.
  • Flexible terms – short and long-term self storage available.
  • 24 hour CCTV security system
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Very competitive rates
  • Leave your car with us when using your motor home

Traveling abroad for work or pleasure ?

Are you planning to travel abroad for a while? Are you wondering what to do with your caravan. This is a problem that many people in Yorkshire face.

You don’t want to leave it in your garage or even worse in the street. More, leaving it at home will compromise the security of your home when away. You don’t want to park it at a friends or relative’s house as it would be exposed to the elements. We offer secure shipping containers to store vehicles which need protecting against the UK weather.

If you want your caravan to be in a safe place you should leave it in a self storage facility, which can offer self storage or parking facilities. Although many people don’t realise it, self storage shipping containers can be used to store everyday vehicles safely. They help protect your vehicles against the elements such as wind, sun and rain.

Are you a car collector or enthusiast?

In fact, you can use them to store all kinds of vehicles including old vintage cars for the collectors amongst you.

Do you love old cars and collect them?
Do you need a safe place to keep them?

If so there is no better or more convenient place to keep them. Self storage shipping containers are not only a safe bet, but they will also keep your collectables in excellent condition.

We recommend you revisit an older article we wrote on this subject: SORN Car Self Storage Help in Sheffield?

We also dedicated an article on how to best prepare your vehicles for self storage or parking here: How to Prepare Your Four-Wheeler’s, Bikes and Other Cars for Self Storage in Leeds

Our Boylin’s Car & Caravan Storage explained!

We offer shipping containers which come in varied sizes and can be used to store all kinds of vehicles including vans.

Many people choose to store their cars at Boylin’s because of the level of security that we offer. In addition to 24 hour CCTV, there are additional access barriers that will keep your caravan and vehicle safe and secure at all times.

All our shipping containers are weather proof so you don’t have to worry about moisture damage. We assure your caravan or car will stay in the same condition as when you stored it first with us.

The other great thing about Boylin’s Self Store is that you can store your caravan or van with us for as long as you like. Our shortest rental period is one week unlike other Yorkshire storage facilities which force clients to rent for at least a month.

Start using Boylin’s car or caravan storage today it is simple

Our process is ‘simple’ – all you need is a photo ID, an address and a small deposit. This will secure you a self storage shipping container or parking space the same day you ask for it.

More, we always invest in enough containers and never stack them. Our facilities are open every day until 6 PM in the evening and you can retrieve your caravan or car whenever you need it.

You may be wondering how much is all this gone cost. Well, you’ll be happy to know that our prices are very competitive.

In fact, if you compare us to other storage facilities in the Yorkshire area you will find that you are getting the best value for money when using a Boylin’s Self Store service.

Last but not least, we still carry several introduction offers to help you get started, don’t forget to ask for it.

Car and caravan self storage

Our caravan storage is ideal for anyone without the space to store their caravan, camper van or motor home at their house. We offer excellent facilities with discounted rates for long-term rentals.

Still need help or advice choosing the right self storage solution or parking service for your caravan or car? If so don’t hesitate to contact us on  01226 321800 for more information or to check availability.

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