Tradesman storage in Yorkshire

As a tradesman in Yorkshire, you know that storage is important. You have supplies and tools that need to be kept safely and accessed any time you need them. If you don’t have enough room in your home to keep these things one of the best options is a self storage service. This is a facility that allows you to rent just the amount of space that you need to store your items at an affordable price. One such service is Boylin’s self storage. With several locations in Yorkshire, we have been offering self storage for tradesmen for years. We have a self storage Bradford service, a self storage Leeds service, a self storage Wakefield service and several others. Our aim is to provide self storage that is safe and reliable. There are several advantages of storing your items with us: •    We have 24 hour CCTV camera surveillance to on all parts of the property to ensure that everything remains secure. You can be sure that your items are safe. As additional security we have installed barrier access so that only authorized people can gain entry into containers. •    All our containers are on the ground and you can drive right up to the door. This means that getting your tools and supplies in and out of the container is easy. •    All our units are weather proof – whether it is windy, rainy or snowy you can be sure that your items will never suffer weather damage. In addition to that we completely valet each unit before we rent it. •    We have different sized containers so that clients rent only the space that they need. •    You can rent for as little as a week to as along as you want. •    We understand that tradesmen can be called to work any time. That is why we are open 7 days a week from 6am to 6.30pm. •    We always have an employee on the premises to assist clients. If you are not sure how much space will be enough for you feel free to ask them. •    We are the cheapest in the area. Compare us with other companies and you will find that we offer very fair prices for an unbeatable service. •    Our rental process is simple and you get same day access. You can find out more about Boylin’s Selfstore by contacting us on 01226 321800 or by visiting our website

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