Tradesman storage in Yorkshire – the perfect place to keep your tools safe


As a Yorkshire tradesman, one of your biggest concerns is where you should store your tools, equipment and supplies. You don’t want to take them home because they would only cause clutter. You don’t want to leave them in your van overnight because that is inviting vandals. You don’t want to hire warehouse space either – it costs more than you are willing to pay. If you are completely out of options as to where you should store your materials you should consider Boylin’s Self Store. These are storage containers that are designed for tradesmen like you. One of the things that makes Boylin’s such an excellent tradesmen storage solution is their security. All their containers are watched 24 hours a day by CCTV camera. They don’t leave any room to chance – each container also has access barriers to ensure that only their owners can access them. You never have to worry about losing your tools, equipment or supplies. In case you are worried that a container is too big you will be happy to know that they have containers in different sizes so you can rent only as much storage space as you need. In addition to that, every container is weather proof which means that you don’t have to worry about your equipment getting rusty whether it rains or snows. You will also be happy to know that all containers are on ground level which means that there is no hassle storing or retrieving your equipment and tools. In fact, there is enough room between containers for you to drive right up to the door of the one that you are renting. The other thing that makes Boylin’s Self Store unique is that fact that you can get a container the very same day that you ask for it. Many other Bradford storage solutions make clients wait until a container becomes free. Not at Boylin’s – they have invested in enough containers so that can serve every customer who needs one. You can rent a container for as short as 1 week which means that there isn’t tom much commitment on your part. All containers are cleaned completely before they are handed off to a ne client. Renting a container at Boylin’s is easy. All you need is to show some ID, pay a small deposit and the rental fee and the container is yours. You can find out more on their website,

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