The strangest things found in Boylins self storage in Rotherham

Boylin’s Self Store is your premier Rotherham self storage facility. With units available in all sizes, we offer the perfect solutions for short or long-term storage. Whether for unwanted furniture or discarded wall units and electronics, our self storage in Rotherham is perfect for all vintage and outdated items. Similarly, our facility and units are monitored by CCTV and 24/7 camera surveillance. We also have special pass code entry, along with convenient drop-off sections. From family heirlooms and memorabilia to electronics, furniture, and even business stock and inventory – Boylin’s remains the go to place for the best self storage services and units in Yorkshire.

Self storage Special Items and Strangest Things

At times, some people tend to leave behind a number of historic and special items in self-storage units. In fact, there have – and continue to be – actual TV and cable shows based on people bidding to purchase self storage units with all items within. Over the years, we at Boylin’s have always thought that there may be some special and priceless items right here at our facility. While we do not know for sure – one can guess that there is at least a few incredibly valuable or strange items within our facility. However, our Rotherham self storage facility is closely monitored and always secured for all new and existing customers. Here are a few discoveries at storage unit facilities – over the years – that made the news.

Nicolas Cage’s $1Million Dollar Comic Book (read more here)

One of the most precious gems discovered at a self storage facility was Action Comics #1. This highly sought after comic book featured Superman – and this copy actually belonged to lifelong comic fan and collector, Nicolas Cage. Back in 2000, Cage reported that his copy of the book was stolen when his home was burglarized. However, it surfaced 10 years later at an abandoned self storage unit. It was finally reunited with its owner – and got us thinking – can you imagine what incredible items are stored within our self storage facility in Rotherham? Now this is just one example of how many great things may be stored at self storage units across the UK. At Boylin’s, we do protect the rights and privacy of every single customer and client. However, there may be a time when a unit is abandoned – or left unpaid for – and then we have the option to sell items to interested buyers or even host auctions. For more information on our self storage solutions in Rotherham, simply contact us today or visit our site at:

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