The Hidden Gem for Landlords: Utilising Self Storage Facilities

When it comes to property management, every landlord knows that space is money. While much of the focus tends to be on renting out residential or commercial spaces, there’s another aspect that landlords should consider using: self-storage. If you’ve ever been stumped with extra furniture after a tenant moves out or struggled to find space for maintenance supplies, then it might be time to look into renting a self-storage unit. Here are some reasons why using self-storage facilities can be a strategic move for landlords.

1. Declutter and Maximise Living Spaces

As a landlord, you want to make each property as appealing as possible to prospective tenants. Storing unused furniture or equipment in a self-storage unit can instantly declutter spaces, making them appear larger and more inviting. This can be especially helpful in-between tenants or during renovations.

2. A Safe Place for Maintenance Supplies

Landlords often need an assortment of tools and supplies for regular maintenance and repairs. Instead of using valuable space in the building that could be otherwise rented out, these items can be securely stored in a self-storage unit; choose a central location that’s easy to access whenever you need to carry out repairs or maintenance. At Boylin’s we have many locations to choose from.

3. Inventory Management for Seasonal Items

Many properties have seasonal needs like lawnmowers, or outdoor furniture. Instead of letting these items deteriorate outside, or take up room during their off-season, they can be stored in a self-storage unit.

4. Business Records and Document Storage

All landlords have paperwork, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. Tenancy agreements, inventory reports, deposit protection certificates, tax records, maintenance documents, and other essential files can be safely stored in a self-storage unit. This ensures that they are not only safe but also organised and accessible when you need them.

5. Emergency Storage Solutions

Life is unpredictable. Whether it’s a burst pipe that necessitates quick furniture removal or the sudden need to vacate a property for emergency repairs, having a self-storage unit at your disposal can be a lifesaver. It offers a quick and hassle-free solution to store items temporarily until the situation is resolved.

6. Streamline Renovations

Renovating a property is considerably easier when it’s empty. A self-storage unit provides a place to store items temporarily, allowing contractors to work more freely and efficiently. This could potentially speed up the renovation process, letting you rent out your property faster.

7. Flexibility

At Boylin’s Self Store we offer a variety of different sized containers and short- or long-term leases to suit your requirements. This affords you the opportunity to upsize or downsize based on your requirements; whether you have a seasonal influx of items to store or you’ve managed to get rid of old, unused items, you can adjust the storage space you rent.

As a landlord, every inch of space in your property is a valuable asset. Utilising a Boylin’s Self Storage unit helps you manage your space more efficiently, providing a variety of logistical and financial benefits. From storing maintenance supplies to streamlining renovations, Boylin’s Self Storage facilities offer landlords a flexible and practical solution to many common challenges. So, if you haven’t already explored this opportunity, call Boylin’s today on 01226 321 800 and add self storage to your property management toolkit.