The Growth of Self-Storage Firms

According to an article in The Economist in February 2014, “Unlike in America, where a mobile population has long needed extra space, self-storage has only recently taken off in Britain. Business is now booming. In 2002 Britain had just 5 million square feet of capacity, according to the Self Storage Association, an industry body. By 2013 that had swelled to 30 million square feet.” This growth has continued because businesses are growing and because for many, using real estate for storage isn’t an option any more. There is also a greater variety in the kind of people who are renting storage units. In the past, they were most likely to be individuals who didn’t have storage space at home. Today, you will find that businesses take out self storage in order to store documents that would otherwise take up valuable storage space. You will also find units that are rented by tradesmen so that they can store their supplies and tools. E-commerce has also had an effect on the growth of self storage in Britain. Many people are now vendors through sites like Ebay. They buy goods in bulk so that they can resell for a profit. They will require a place to store their inventory and there is no better place than a self storage facility – it is affordable and their items are safe. One of the top self storage in the country is Boylin’s Selfstore. They offer Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield self storage services and more besides. There are several reasons why they continue to be among the best: •    The first is how keen they are on security. They have 24 hour CCTV surveillance and each unit can be seen on camera. They have also included access barriers for even further security. •    Boylin’s Selfstore has all their containers of the ground meaning that moving items in and out is easy. They also valet each container before they rent it. •    All their containers are weather-proof; regardless of the weather you can expect that your items will remain dry. •    They are among the most affordable self storage companies in the country. If you compare them to some of the bigger companies you will find that they charge less for similar or better services. •    They have units available in different sizes and they can rent them out for as little as a week and as long as the client likes. •    You can find out more by calling Boylin’s Selfstore on 01226 321800 or by visiting their website,

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