The dos and dont’s of self storage facilities

In the case that you have settled on your preferred choice of storage facility and have decided to transfer your belongings, you need to pause and think about a number of considerations. First of all, you have to rent the preferred type of storage unit, and it would be more efficient if it is done locally. Ensure that you do an appropriate estimation of the required space, after which you might be best to go for a slightly bigger storage unit.
It would be wise to put down a list of the things to store in categories and how you wish to organise them in the personal storage facility. Items that are likely to be accessed the most should to be at the front, hefty items lie at the bottom while delicate ones should be on the top.
Materials used for packing are essential too. Bubble wrap, paper sheets, and tissue paper  will all guarantee the safety of your items. Make certain that they are all wrapped and taped tightly.
You will need cardboard dividers to keep the items intact if you are storing more than one thing in each box (eg, glasses), eliminating the possibility of knocking against each other. After this, apply enough tape on either side to strengthen it.
Once in the storage unit, the security of the items must be assured. This includes installation of security cameras, using padlocks and security combination systems, security lighting and building outside walls. In addition, keep soft records of your items to enable you to track them.
Label fragile boxes as so and stack boxes at normal heights.
When packing, newspapers or magazines are not great choices as they stain items.
You don’t want your items to get crushed, so don’t pack them too close together. Living big spaces is dangerous too, it may cause the items to move and hence get damaged.
Above all, always feel free to consult your storage facility manager when such need arises.
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