Take advantage of our Wakefield introductory offer

Are you a Wakefield resident looking for a reliable self-storage service? We have some good news for you. Boylins Self Store is giving you a Wakefield introductory offer!
Boylins Self Store wants to inform you that our storage containers can be utilized for a broad range of different storage. Starting from storing household goods on your garden or driveway, to securing tools & equipment or storage for huge construction sites. We have all the different container sizes you could require; whether for short or long term periods, small or large items, at our Wakefield storage site we can help you. The Wakefield storage offer is that you get a 150sq ft storage container for just 16.99 per week! This is an exciting and competitive offer so take advantage of it.
Our Wakefield storage site has put security measures in place to secure your valuables. Firstly, the site has 24/7 CCTV surveillance to make sure no unauthorised parties access your storage container or try to break in. Your storage container is fitted with a strong steel lock box. Also, this gives the top security measures and protects the lock. The lock box stops thieves from tampering or cutting the padlock that is under the lock box. 
Our storage containers are sturdy, 100% steel and are all weather proof. Therefore, your goods are protected against rain or wind damage. When you place your goods inside the storage container, we guarantee that you will find them safe and undamaged just as you left them. 
Our Wakefield site is well prepared and on a level ground. Therefore, your container is always easily accessible by car, on the ground. 
We are committed to personal storage solutions that offer value for your money. If you need self-storage for keeping equipment, space for stock, archiving files, or domestic storage when moving, we are here for you. Take advantage of our Wakefield offer and don’t hesitate to contact us today for queries and quotations http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/locations/wakefield.htm 
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