Student Self Store in Sheffield – 5 Tips for International Students

Self storage Sheffield is great for International and foreign exchange students. They are equally great for domestic students that need storage for their personal items and belongings. At Boylin’s Self Store UK, we offer a full range of storage units and containers at very affordable rates. In fact, our facilities features high fences, gated areas, and 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance. This guarantees maximum protection for all your items in storage. For students at the University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam University, we also offer very competitive prices and rates for both short and long-term storage services. One phone call to 0114 2617984 or an e-mail to in Sheffield is all you need to do to get the ball rolling on your storage rentals.

Essential Tips for International Students that need Storage

Self-storage units and containers are perfect for all students. In fact, our units can easily house and store old books, notes, documents and especially furniture. Whether studying domestically or coming from abroad – our containers offer ample leg and storage room for all your boxes. In fact, this can help de-clutter your room at local dorms – as well as within houses that accommodate foreign students.

Storage units are also great for storing winter clothing, along with family heirlooms and accessories. They are equally great to store summer clothing, as well as all items and books needed for school sessions throughout the year. Here are some more benefits for students at Boylin’s Self-Store in the UK:

  • Large storage containers and units that are climate-controlled and offer ample leg room.
  • CCTV- camera surveillance – high fences – gated access/entry – 24/7 security – easy slopes for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Student discounts, promotional specials and sales on all short-term, long-term, or yearly rentals.
  • Onsite store with packing materials, tape, boxes, and more.
  • Professional and courteous staff that are committed to excellence in helping all students with their personal or school-based storage needs.

Boylin’s Self Storage Solutions in Sheffield for Students

For students that need affordable storage in Sheffield, go no further than Boylin’s Self Store. As a seasoned and reputable company with deep roots in the community, we continue to meet the needs of countless businesses and individuals. Simply contact us today to schedule a tour of our storage facility and units. We also feature other informative articles on our blog on how to make the most out of your storage space for school related and personal items.

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For more information, simply contact us or visit our website today:

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