Student Moving Tips: Pack it, Trash it or Self Store it in Wakefield?

Student dreaming about traveling The semester has come to an end, or maybe you have decided to travel abroad during your gap year.

Either way, it is a good time to evaluate your items and decide what you want to keep and what to throw out.

This can be tough – if you are like most people it is hard to part with personal items.

Don’t worry though; this article will walk you through how to decide on what to keep, and where you can keep it.

Start by asking yourself how often you use every item that you own.

If you haven’t used it in the last 6 months it is unlikely that you will use it again, so you can either throw the item out or donate it to charity.

You may not have used an item recently, but if you are emotionally attached to it you shouldn’t throw it out. male student smiling

Some items are old and need an upgrade, and these can go.

If you have things that someone else would benefit more from, such as textbooks from classes past you can pass them on.

Everything that is broken should be thrown out as well as anything that you don’t think you will need in the future.

Now that you remain with only the items that you want or need to keep it is time to find storage for them.

We recommend that you bring them to us at Boylin’s Self Store in Wakefield.

We provide excellent storage space for Wakefield students when they are away.

Our Boylin’s self store in Wakefield is a market leading facility which will keep your items safe until you come back. savings road sign

You only get to rent the amount of space that you need because our containers come in varied number of sizes.

You will be the only one with access to yours.

Since we have full time camera surveillance you don’t have to worry about unauthorised access.

We recommend that you pack your items safely in boxes and the label each box so that it is easy to identify what is in each.

If there are delicate items make sure that they are packed using bubble wrap and/or newspaper.

When stacking the boxes in the Boylin’s shipping container make sure that the heavier ones go to the bottom for better balance. Stack them with the labels facing outwards so that they are easy to identify.

Find out how to rent a container today on our website here:

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