Storage containers for any use, and in every size

Sometimes, people often run out of adequate storage and may require more space to keep their extra items. This applies to both homeowners as well as business owners.  As a homeowner, it is possible that you have purchased new items to replace old ones, or you are renovating your home, or you simply need to store any items that are hardly in use to de-clutter your home. You may be troubled on where to get the sizeable container for all your household items. Whether for business or personal storage purposes, Boylin’s offer you with storage facilities that will adequately fit all your stuff. For personal storage solutions, some of the containers that we have include:  Average House or Room Size: 1-2 bed (60/80sq ft) Container size: 10ft containers (72sq ft) Prices from £9.45pw Average House or Room Size: 3 Bed House (80/150sq ft) Container Size: 20ft container (150sq ft) Prices from £16.50pw Average House or Room Size: 4 Bed House (150/200sq ft) Container Size: 40ft container (305sq ft) Prices from £28.85pw Our personal storage containers are large enough to store large household items like lawn mowers, furniture, clothing, and other large appliances as well as patio furniture.  This ensures that you have an easy time storing all the items as you may need and hence you can carry on with other activities peacefully. Our storage facilities are also at a ground level ensuring that you can drive up your storage facility quickly and offload and pick up your items. There are no obstacles like corridors, lifts, or irregular ground to make you stumble. The security is also highly maintained as we have installed state of the art CCTV and barrier controls. We also offer business storage solutions for business owners. We provide storage facilities to business customers from different sectors that need to archive their paperwork, tradesmen needing storage spaces for their tools and equipment, as well as eBay businesses that need extra space. These too can benefit from the easy access to our storage containers as they can easily drive up to their containers and quickly offload. The cost of these containers is equally affordable. We allow you to start with a smaller container and once your business upgrades, you can move into a larger container. At Boylin’s we offer business customers with both short and long term storage rentals. The units are also clean and dry as they are valeted before they are rented. For any personal and business storage issues, call or visit the website

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