Spring Clean in Leeds, Out with the Old, in with the New

Children Helping their Parents With Household Chores and the Spring Clean

Many families in Leeds tend to organise a so called spring clean. It allows your family to prepare the entire house for Summer. Often we find ourselves making choices as to what to keep and what to ditch when de-cluttering our homes. At one point during this sorting process of your belongings, you might find your self with a lot of items and valuables which you do not wont to bin, because they have emotional value or simply intrinsic value stopping you from getting rid of them.

Upgrade your Spring Clean routine with Self Storage from Boylin’s

Is there anything more satisfying than doing an intense spring cleaning routine throughout your home? The windows are open wide and bring a fresh breath of air to your home. The warm spring breezes seem to blow away the winter stuffiness. This results in everything felling crisper, cleaner and revitalised.

You are doing all that hard work to get the entire home cleaned. But you are faced with an ever growing problem of a lack of space. This stops you from properly spring cleaning your home.

That is why you may want to think about self storage as a part of your next spring cleaning routine! It will help you solve all problems caused by lack of storage space in your home.

This is why and when you should invest in some self storage space.

A couple preparing their belonging from the garage for spring clean self storage.

What to store in Self Storage after a Spring Clean?

We cherish some old belongings so much, which may be part due to our childhood or related memories. This would bring up difficulties during a spring cleaning as you may not be ready to throw them away.

Our self storage store in Leeds offers the ideal solution for your problem. Boylin’s Self Storage in Leeds is one of our establishments you can consider when looking for self storage space for your personal belongings after you are done with your spring cleaning. We offer self storage for both domestic and business customers.

Boylin’s Self Storage in Leeds is committed to bringing you household self storage services tailored to any of your needs.
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Boylin’s Self Storage Advantages

We offer a range of self storage containers in sizes suitable for all your belongings. We can help you store all kinds of things and this even includes things such as cars. All our self storage units are clean, dry and secure. A self storage unit can create an environment, away from your home, which is never too far or out of reach when you really need access. Your family will gain a self storage option where you can store anything which is not required during the Spring or Summer months.
Additionally it is worth mentioning that all your belongings stored with us will stay secure. We equipped all our self stores with 24 hours recorded CCTV and intruder alarms. This makes our Boylin’s Self Storage in Leeds the best solution for all your cherished belongings after you are finished with your spring clean.
All our self storage units are wind and rain proof . They allow storage of things such as:
  • electronics
  • antiques
  • wooden or leather furniture
  • clothing
  • musical instrument
  • photos and other items that are sensitive to extreme cold and humidity

For more ideas on how you could use your self storage during the coming summer months have a look at our article on this subject here: Top 10 Things to Move into Self Storage When Temperatures Start Rising in Barnsley.

Yes you can store most memorabilia with us

All our storage units are well maintained and come cleaned with very low levels of humidity. Nevertheless, we recommend storing anything that can be destroyed by floodwaters or rising waters in air & watertight containers. For example store documents in seal-able, zip locked bags.

It is always better to be safe and this will help you start the Spring season the right away in a clean de-cluttered house.
For more information on our self store locations or services you can visit our store locator here.
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