Self Storage Will Help You Weather The Winter Storms!

Winter self storage solutions by Boylin's Self Store

As we approach winter, don’t let your now redundant summer items clutter up your crowded home. Maybe, you are simply looking for off-road parking or affordable winter self storage for your car, jet ski, motorbike, caravan or boat? We, at Boylin’s Self Store, are your best local option if you are still looking for off road or seasonal storage today.

Invest in affordable, local, self storage with Boylin’s Self Store to help you weather the winter storm, declutter your home, and keep your summer items safe and secure until the warm weather returns!

Why do I need Self Storage during the Winter Months?

During the winter, the temperature plummets.

Therefore, many outdoor, summer items become obsolete for a number of months.

Its all well and good to store these items in a garage, shed, or attic. However, those with smaller properties do not benefit from these privileges.

Thus these redundant but still treasured and seasonally useful items will only serve to clutter your already crowded home; what with Covid-19 leading to more people than ever piling into the house hunkering down the winter.

Consequently, without self storage, your home will become cramped and disorganised during the winter months causing you further stress during this disconcerting time.

Moreover, your summer items such as furniture, vehicles and gardening equipment could become damaged, rusty and worn in the harsh winter conditions if left outside, in a shed or garage.

Hence, many people choose to protect their summer items that go unused during the colder months by placing them in self storage.

Secure winter storage solutions for classic and vintage cars by Boylin's Self Store

What should I place in My Self Storage Unit during the Winter?

We know that starting to place your items into self storage can often feel like an overwhelming task.

Therefore, Boylin’s Self Store is here to help by providing you with a comprehensive list of what should be placed in your storage unit during the winter months!

  1. Summer Clothing– Items such as swimwear, beach towels, shorts, t-shirts, summer dresses – any other item of clothing you wouldn’t want to wear out in the snow should be vacuum packed and placed in storage. This will free up so much space in your families wardrobes, leading to a tidier bedroom and a tidier mind.
  2. Summer Recreational Gear– Hiking boots, tents, wet suits and family bikes can take up a considerable amount of room in your garage or shed. So why not place them in storage until the warm weather returns and you can once more roam the outdoors in the sunshine.
  3. Garden Furniture–Outdoor dining tables, sofas, parasols and BBQs are amazing during the summer months and you and the family kickback in the garden, dining, relaxing and soaking up the sun. However, if you leave this furniture out in the garden during the colder, rainy months, it can be severely damaged and rusty. This means you’ll have to fork out to replace this furniture. Guarantee the safety of your garden furniture by storing it all in a safe, dry storage unit over the winter.
  4. Lawn Equipment–Lawn mower, grass clippers and other garden tools will be out of action for the season, need to be stored in a dry place. Placing these items in a storage unit will not only will this stop out-of-use items taking up room, it means you swap out useful winter tools such as snow shovels, making for an organised, seasonally appropriate garden shed.
  5. Caravan A holiday home such as a caravan is the perfect place to make family memories during the summer time. However, in order to protect this vehicle while it’s out of commission during the harsh winter months from going damp in the cold, wet weather you can place your entire caravan into self storage. The safety of your treasured caravan during the winter is a worthwhile investment!

Boylin's winter and seasonal storage solutions for all budgets!

Why choose Boylin’s Self Store for your Winter Storage Solution?

De-clutter your home, whilst keeping all your possessions safe and secure with a local and affordable storage unit!

Protect your precious summer items by storing them with Boylin’s Self Store.

For more information about Boylin’s Self Store visit our website here, and contact us with any and all inquiries regarding self-storage via email:

Boylin’s Self Store is here to help Your Family weather this Winter Safely and Affordably. Seasonal Self Storage Solution can always be found with Boylin’s Self Store.

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