Self Storage Tips for Small Homes and Flats in Sheffield

Self Storage Tips when downsizing to a smaller home

Many people across the world are moving into smaller and smaller spaces especially in urban areas. For some it is a matter of choice. These individuals no longer feel that living in large mansions has any benefits. Our experience with self storage allow us to provide you with some essential self storage tips to facilitate a smoother transition to a smaller home.

This is not always a matter of choice. For many modern families it has now become a necessity to move to a smaller home or flat. As salaries are stagnated and the cost of living keeps increasing forever. This has now resulted in many families forced to live in smaller apartments, flats or condos.

In Bradford you will see families moving into smaller living spaces all the time. If the time has come for your family to make this move or choice one of the things that you have to deal with is all the possessions that you have that will not fit in your smaller new home.

Where or what to do with Your Belongings when Downsizing?

It can be particularly stressful to get rid of your possessions but you have to accept that it is one of the consequences of downsizing.

Ideally you will separate all your belongings into three piles first.

  1. Discarded pile – What are you willing to discard?
  2. Sales pile – Things you are willing to sell.
  3. Self storage pile – Belongings you prefer to keep.

Self storage containers in Bradford have become the way to go for many families. They are a real life and money saver when you are moving into a smaller home. A self storage container will help you to hang on to property that you are not quite prepared to part from.

Here are some Self Storage Tips to help You with Your Move or Downsizing:

  • Organisation is key when it comes to self storage. You don’t want to rent a self storage container where it takes you more then half an hour to find items. You should therefore carefully think about how you will organise your space. it will help you optimise the rented space and will store more when well organised. it will also facilitate easy collection of needed items in the future. The best thing to do is buy boxes of different sizes. Pack up for transport all items that you will not be moving into your new home. Ensure that each box is properly labelled and sealed.
  • One of the biggest challenges that home owners have when they are choosing a self storage containers is how many they might need. There are websites that give you very detailed instructions on how to determine self storage space based on the size of rooms that you are moving items from. However, no two homes are alike and you may find these instructions aren’t helpful. The best thing to do is find a storage facility that has experience with this kind of thing. They can come to your home to see what you would like to keep in self storage. Then they will advise you as to how much self storage container space you will need to rent in Bradford.
  • You are renting self storage containers for a ‘ long term’. Find a facility that is willing to take this into consideration. A good facility will offer you a discount and over the years your rental charges may become lower.Self Storage Tips when downsizing
  • Make sure that your items are protected from the weather. Pack everything away in breathable materials such as cardboard boxes. If you pack items in plastic bins make sure that they are airtight so that changes in weather don’t affect whatever is inside. For large items such as furniture you should disassemble whatever comes apart. It takes up less self storage space this way. Sofas and all other upholstered furniture should be covered with bed sheets to keep them protected against the build up of dust. It is very important to confirm that your containers are weatherproof. You don’t wont to have to worry about damp and moisture damage to your belongings when the weather changes.
  • Make sure that you check your self storage container from time to time. You may find that some items need to be let out to air.

Boylin’s Self Store in Bradford, is one of our leading self stores. Boylin’s Self Store are experts at helping families hold on to their belongings while downsizing to a smaller home.

Our staff will help you choose the right self storage container size. We also offer an on site shop selling packing materials. If you need help getting your property to our self storage facility. We have  partnered with excellent local movers we can recommend on request.  For more information on our services and rental prices in Bradford check out our website here: or give us a call on 0114 261 79 84.


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