Self storage tips and tricks!

Self storage is one of the most important skills that homeowners and business entrepreneurs need to possess. Knowing how to professionally store various items will significantly help to reduce clutter in your premises as well as paint a positive image to all who walk into your shop or house. Also, you can save money when relocating to a new house or office as service packages offered by moving companies depends on the amount of luggage to the moved. Here is some Wakefield self storage tips and tricks that you can use to get organised today: Get Quality Storage Boxes There are a number of manufacturing companies that manufacture quality storage boxes. Contact them to inquire if they have boxes that can comfortably hold all your belongings for a specific period of time. If possible, buy boxes that are of similar sizes so as to easily stack them securely in a self-storage facility to save on space. You should try and put all items in the boxes to protect them from dust and other external factors that can damage them. Label All Boxes

It is almost impossible to know what is stored in a particular box if it’s not labeled. Hence, it is recommendable to use stickers or special labels to mark each box depending on its contents. As you do so, create an inventory with clear details about the boxes for easier identification at a later date.Also, label them more than one side for easier identification. Storing Heavy Items Avoid filling large storage boxes with heavy items as it will be impossible to carry them from your house to storage facility. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to just pack a few of them in one box then fill them up with lighter items. This will also prevent tearing as the boxes are made from materials which can only withstand a given amount of weight. Avoid Sealed Plastic Bags It is not difficult to see people using plastic bags when moving to a new house. Unknown to them is that the plastic materials can lead to accumulation of moisture and trigger growth of molds and mildew. Packing Books and Large Appliances To protect their spines, it is much wiser to pack books flat in the boxes. Large appliances such as fridges and freezers should be defrosted before being stored.

Self storage tricks can indeed help you get organized by storing items that you seasonally use safely. Handle the boxes carefully and ensure that the roof in designated room is in good condition to prevent water damage. If you need self storage in the Wakefield area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on 

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