Self Storage News: Current Growth, Trends and Future Forecasts!

Self Storage Current Growth, Trends and Future Forecasts!

Why Self Storage is a Great Investment to Make NOW!

The self storage industry has experienced exponential growth in the past 18 months.

Moreover, the growth and popularity in this industry is expected to be not only positive but maintained during the forecast period, owing to the trends of increased urbanisation and improved economic outlook across the country.

COVID-19 of course played a key part in the growth of this industry as many people had to work from home for most parts of 2020 and into 2021 which consequently drove up the demand for self storage as people had to  carve out space for home offices or classrooms in their cluttered home space. With more and more companies deciding to shift toward a remote work model permanently, self storage is predicted to only grow in demand and success.

During and post pandemic self storage has acted as an extra wardrobe or bedroom and commercial clients that lease storage for inventory or supplies rather than expanding their offices.

Thus people have become accustomed to having extra, external space from their home therefore the growth of this industry is likely to continue.

Especially with home prices escalating nationwide, so-called starter homes have become more expensive and some new homeowners are opting for smaller spaces with self storage offering a space to keep items that do not fit into their current property.

This could definitely translate into a steady demand for storage as homeowners will be renting or buying smaller home spaces but use self storage to ensure they don’t have to sacrifice many of their precious belongings while inhabiting a smaller space.

Therefore, it’s best to get ahead of the curve and invest in a self storage unit today!

Key Trends Occurring in the Self Storage Market:

Though of course we at Boylin’s Self Store are a local and UK based self storage company, allow us for a moment to zoom out from our local bubble and explore the global trends of self storage growth. According to Yahoo Finance the global self storage market was valued at USD 48. 02 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a value of USD 64. 71 billion by 2026.

Therefore, it is clear that the self storage is a completely worthy investment to make NOW, as many people not just in the UK but globally are realising the usefulness and worth of a self storage unit in 2021 and into the future.

The performance of self storage properties is primarily driven by growing space demand for additional storage space as families grow and acquire more material possessions. Moreover, the need for storage units is predicted to increase as the baby boomer generation begin to downsize.

The increasing urban population causes smaller and increasingly expensive living spaces in cities with more renters who move around more frequently.

Moreover, another factor that has played a role in the sudden rise in demand of the self-storage sector is the COVID pandemic. Unemployment levels have been rising during the COVID-19 crisis and as a result, residential landlords face impact from jobless tenants who are unable to pay rent. As these tenants move back home with their families or explore other house-sharing options, downsizing residential space creates opportunities for the self-storage sector to store items that will no longer fit into smaller homes.

Thus as these trends continue, the popularity of self storage shall also continue. Therefore it is a good idea to join the thousands of others that are benefiting from self storage, take advantage of this and invest in self storage and reap the manifold benefits of a self storage unit yourself!

The Benefits of Investing in Self Storage NOW!

Now is the perfect time for you to reflect on whether a self storage unit could benefit you!

Boylin’s Self Store is here to outline just how a self storage unit is the best investment for you to make NOW!


A self storage container is a versatile investment and is ideal for storing a vast range of items such as:

Secure vintage car storage by Boylin's Self StoreSo no matter what you wish to store, we at Boylin’s Self Store will have a container to suit you!

Guaranteed Security for YOUR Belongings:

Safety first

Whatever you choose to store in one of our units you can rest assured your belongings are completely safe and secure!

Every single one of Boylin’s Self Store’s containers are wind and water tight as well as completely secure.

All of our sites benefit from state of the art CCTV and barrier controls which are only accessible through individual key or fob.

Therefore, by investing in a self storage unit you are investing in the guaranteed safety of anything you store in your container.


At Boylin’s Self Store, we know the past 18 months has been a financial struggle for many, therefore we want to make your life as easy as possible with our low prices.

For as little as £9.45pw, you can obtain a completely safe and secure external space for your treasured belongings! We even give you your second month’s rent for Half Price, just to give you an extra helping hand!

You can even verify that you are getting the best deal through our handy price match guarantee, so that you know you’re in the safest, most affordable hands.

You can use our interactive tool to help establish what size container you need! This will help to save you time, money and stress in your self-storage search!


Location Location Location

At Boylin’s Self Store we have a variety of different Northern locations, in order to be as close to you as possible.

We have sites in Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wakefield. Visit our website to find your nearest Boylin’s location. It’s so simple, just enter your town or postcode to find your closest storage location and directions.

As well as having a variety of sites all over the country, all of our containers benefit from convenient ground floor accessibility and are available immediately! No pesky waiting periods or tricky stairs to tackle!

Furthermore, every one of our sites are accessible during the convenient hours of 06:00 – 18:30 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, and 08:00 – 14:00 Sundays.

Boylin’s Self Store is Dedicated to Finding You a Self Storage Solution NOW!

At Boylin’s Self Store have been continually committed to helping people find their ideal storage solution, so much so that we have been worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic!

You can also visit our news page for consistent and informative content regarding self-storage tips and tricks to help you out further!

We provide all of these services, from cheap prices, accessible locations and helpful content to help you make the best investment possible.

Contact us today by emailing or calling us on 01226 321800.

As the self storage industry continues to grow, the hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers benefiting from self storage not only up and down the country but around the world!

Self storage is the best investment you can make NOW, so there’s no time like the present sign up today!

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