Self Storage Insurance, Advice and Tips on What You Need

self storage insurance

When you are looking for self storage for your personal items there are some things that will immediately come to mind. You will think about the location of the storage unit. The size of the unit that you need. How much they will charge you and how long you will need the unit for.

What you may not consider is Self Storage Insurance.

Self storage insurance is important and you should factor it into your storage budget. It works just like any other kind of insurance. You will include the items that you are storing in the policy so that if they are lost you can be compensated.

self storage insurance tipsSome self storage companies will offer their clients self storage insurance up to a certain limit for every self storage container that they rent out. You may find, for example, that you are covered for up to £2,000 or £3,000 for every self storage unit that you rented. While this is a valuable cover. It will not always be enough. If you are storing items of value. If you need to rent self storage space so that you can store furniture while moving homes. That is a paltry amount when you consider the value of the items that will go into self storage.

If you don’t want to take any risks consider taking out further insurance that covers all of your risk.

If you are planning to rent self storage units for valuable items such as art, collectibles or even vehicles of any sort. You should make sure that you have the right insurance policies for them. You shouldn’t assume that your normal policy applies. Talk to your insurance company to find out whether or not you are covered while your items are in self storage. If they recommend a different kind of policy make sure to buy one before your items move into self storage.

If you have never bought Self Storage Insurance before you may be wondering who you should talk to.

You can start by asking the manager at the self storage facility. They know the best companies for storage insurance and may recommend a local one they know. Don’t just go with one because it comes recommended. Talk to them to find out whether they are reliable and look into whether they have had any problems when settling claims.

What can I Insure?

Indeed there are. The only way you can know what you can and cannot insure is to bring around an insurance official and let him have a look.

If you are storing old items that are of little value he will exclude them from the list.

self storage insurance

Anything which isn’t allowed in storage containers will also not be insured. Things such as chemicals, firearms, illegal goods, live animals and plants, cash, securities, radioactive materials and anything that’s flammable will not be included in your insurance and neither should these items go into your self storage containers.

Don’t be careless about how you store your items in the hope that if they get damaged insurance will pay for them.

If the insurer finds that you lost property because you were not careful when storing. They may be reluctant to compensate you. Pack all things safely away in boxes. Wrap all delicate items in newspapers or bubble wrap before you pack them in boxes.

Get small, sturdy boxes for heavy items so that they are easier to move.

Label each box with its contents. Making retrieval easy. Stack all boxes properly to avoid tumbling.

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