Secure Self Storage for Your Valuables while your Summer House is Uninhabited!

Self Storage for Your Valuables by Boylin's Self Stores
Do you worry about the safety of your valuables in your summer home while its uninhabited during the rest of the year?  Ease your worries, and invest in secure, cost-effective self storage for your treasured belongings, memorabilia, vintage car with Boylin’s Self Store!

Do you need a secure, secondary location to keep your treasured belongings safe from potential theft?

Your summer house should be a safe haven to retreat to and relax during the hot months, not a source of anxiety and stress.

But its undeniable that during the autumn and winter months, when the house sits empty, your valuables could be more vulnerable to theft.

You can ease your worries by investing in secure, cost-effective self storage for your valuables and all precious items with Boylin’s Self Store!

Why choose Boylin’s Self Store as Your Self Storage Provider?

We a Boylin’s Self Store are local, friendly, dedicated team of self storage experts and we’ve made the stress free, cost effective, secure storage our mission. We want to help decrease your anxiety by providing you with the best storage solution. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing Boylin’s Self Storage as your storage provider:

  1. We at Boylin’s Self Store provide extremely secure, wind and water tight containers that will guarantee the safety of your prized possessions from potential theft or damage. All of our sites benefit from state of the art CCTV and barrier controls which are only accessible through individual key or fob. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that your valuables will be protected until summer comes around and you and your belongings can move back into your summer home.
  2. We provide a wide range of sized containers, from small to large units. Our larger units are perfect for storing larger items like furniture, televisions or kitchen appliances. Or if you just want to store smaller valuables such as jewellery, electronics, or clothes, there are smaller units available. So no matter what you need to store, we will have a container to suit your personal needs!Secure and safe storage for bigger cherished vehicles!
  3. Our containers are also instantly available with ground floor accessibility. This will save you time and stress so that you can easily store your belongings, particularly bulky items, without battling stairs, lifts or waiting periods.
  4. Options for both long or short term leases are available, so if you only need to store your valuables for a few months or for the majority of the year, we can provide for your personal preference and situation !
  5. Finally, we at Boylin’s Selfstore know that money is particularly tight during this time of crisis. Thus, we have containers to suit any budget as our storage units are really cost effective, with prices starting at just £9.45pw! We even want to save you money through our helpful price match guarantee!

Corona Virus Update : We are open !

Corona Virus Update: We are Still Open for Business, and Ready to Help You at any time!

We at Boylin’s Self Store know that even during this pandemic that day to day life doesn’t stop. We know a storage emergency can emerge at any time.

Therefore, we are currently working during this time of crisis, signing people up and diligently and safely provide storage solutions for anyone that needs it, so why not you?

All of our sites – Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Swinton and Wakefield – are open as normal, available during the convenient hours 06:00 – 18:30 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, and 08:00 – 14:00 Sundays. Any and all inquiries regarding self storage should be sent via email to

Any time and in any location, whether you are dropping valuables off or picking them up, we are open and ready for you!

We want to make this stressful time as hassle free and smooth as possible, so you can focus on your family and your health rather than worrying about the safety of your belonging and your uninhabited summer home.

For more information about why you should invest in Boylin’s Self Store as your self storage provider, visit our website here.

Come rain or come shine, we at Boylin’s Self Store are here to provide you with a swift, secure and stress free storage solution!