Safe, weather proof and accessible 24/7 just a few of the advantages of choosing Boylins

When you are looking for personal storage solutions in Bradford, you want to find a facility that will keep your property safe for the duration that it will be stored. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many of the storage facilities in the area. People often lose their belongings due to many reasons – sometimes they are stolen, they can be misplaced and sometimes, because the containers are not weather-proof, property gets destroyed. This is not the case at Boylin’s Selfstore.

Boylin’s has managed to differentiate itself because it stores property with one goal in mind – to give owners their property back in the same condition as when it was stored regardless of how long it has been in storage. To achieve this they have done several very important things when it comes to storage:

•    Since they understand that people often store valuable items they have made security their top priority. The site is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week through CCTV. They have also installed additional access barriers so that only authorized people can get into the containers.

•    You also don’t have to worry about whatever you have stored getting ruined because of condensation inside the container. All the containers at Boylin’s Selfstore are weather proof so whether it rains, shines or snows everything in storage is safe.

•    If you choose a container at Boylin’s you are welcome to open it any time from 6 am to 6 pm. There is always a helpful employee around to help clients.

•    The company has invested in containers of different sizes so that clients can only rent the amount of space that they need. If you are not sure what your space requirements are dint worry – they can help you work that out.

•    If you check the prices that are charged at other Bradford personal storage companies you will find that Boylin’s is very affordable for the kind of secure storage that they provide.

•    They are able to store all kinds of things so long as they are not illegal. You can store furniture, you can store inventory for your business, trades-people can store their supplies and tools, you can store a car and you can also store documents.

You don’t need to risk storing your property in a place where it isn’t safe when you have an excellent storage solution at Boylin’s Selfstore. You can find out more on their website, or you can call them on 01226 321800.

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