Run a small business from self storage containers in Wakefield?

Self-storage containers are no longer relegated just to housing items. In fact, more and more people are now conducting business from their storage units and facilities. Even with more money available in UK markets, times continue to be tough. This has prompted many individuals and families to launch potentially lucrative businesses from their self-storage containers. While some sell electronics, others market and promote vintage items to customers in Wakefield and surrounding areas. If you are looking to start a new commercial venture, your Boylin’s self store based in Wakefield containers might be the key to success. A Growing Trend According to a recent BBC report, self-storage container businesses continue to soar in popularity. As it is, many of these units consist of vintage and outdated items. Surprisingly, there is a huge market for people that want to purchase or trade items from yesteryear. Whether it’s old vinyl albums, wall units, furniture sets, or even grandfather clocks, many people are tapping into a wealth of new opportunities with self-storage businesses. With the holidays right around the corner, the demand for cost-affordable items will be at an all time high. If you are financially strapped for cash and looking for a quick way to generate some income, selling your items is considered both profitable and lucrative. The Cons With Boylin’s self store containers in Wakefield you are guaranteed protection around the clock. In fact, nearly all storage facilities have security guards and 24/7 camera surveillance. These units are also cost-efficient, and available in multiple sizes. In terms of cons, however, your items are not guaranteed to sell. Like flea markets, you have to be willing to haggle over prices with potential customers as well. There are some storage facilities that also close when business hours are over. This means any late night sales or trades are at your own risk. Still, the pros of owning such businesses clearly outweigh the cons as mentioned in the BBC report. If you need self storage in the Wakefield area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on 

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