Retail Self Storage Guide and Advice for Sheffield by Boylin’s

Retail Self Storage Guide

Boylin’s created a Retail Self Storage Guide. Reading this news article will allow you to find advice and tips on how to organise your retail inventory storage. So, if you ever wondered about how self storage could benefit your business in Sheffield keep reading. More and more retail businesses in Sheffield are turning to self storage. Most business owners realised that it comes with numerous benefits.

Whether you own a shop around the corner. Maybe, you are a vendor who works his goods mainly online. Most retail businesses need space to keep inventory. You may want to keep it in your retail space. Sadly that is far from optimal use for ‘retail’ space. Therefore it increases expenses and makes you less competitive. You could put that space to use in a more profitable way. Renting space in warehouse is not an option for many businesses. They cost a lot of money and will only serve to further drain profits and increase expenses.

Retail Self Storage Guide - Some of our containersSelf storage containers remain the best option. You can rent them at any time, hold on to them for as long as you like and best of all, they are affordable. Here is a retail self storage guide to help you get started.

Rent from a Self Storage facility that is near You

Imagine that a customer has come in and asked for an item that is in your storage container. How long can you afford to keep them waiting? If your storage space is 20 miles away you may have to ask them to come back the next day, and odds are they will go straight to your competitors. It is best to find a storage facility that is only a few minutes away by foot or by car.

Make sure that your self storage containers are Available When You Need them

Some storage facilities are open only a few hours a day and this can cause great inconveniences for a retail business. Before you hire a container from a storage facility look into their opening hours. At the very least they should be open from 8 – 5 every day and on Saturdays too. You should find out whether they are flexible – if, for example, you want some inventory on a Sunday can they make an exception and open the facility for you?

Make sure that you don’t hold too much Inventory

Now that you have a storage facility you may be tempted to buy as much inventory as possible -storage is cheap. Always remember that the inventory has to be sold, otherwise it turns into a loss for the business. Plan carefully so that you only buy and store what you can sell.

Plan for the Seasons

It is very important to plan well in advance for periods such as the next Christmas period. Remember many retail businesses in Sheffield will be looking for additional storage space and they will all turn to self storage facilities at the same time. If you don’t book your self storage containers in advance. You may end up having to pay for storage space elsewhere. If you have inventory that you haven’t been able to sell during the year. You can get rid of it (you can have a sale) so that you make room for a more seasonal inventory.

Shelving is important

Find out whether the self storage facility will allow you to install shelves in your containers. It helps with the organisation and you will have a much easier time retrieving shelved rather than stacked items. Everything should be properly labelled with the labels facing outward so that even junior employees or children  are able to retrieve any required items.

Safety is important for your self storage containers

It is never a good idea to stack tall piles in any kind of self storage space. Some people choose to go too high, rather than rent additional self storage containers. If you do this odds are that someone will have an accident in your container sooner or later.

Leave enough space to move around

This is one of the most important storage tips. As you go and start to fill your space. Arrange your inventory in such a way to leave enough space between rows for you to walk around in the container.

At, Boylin’s Self Store we can help you get off to a great start with our retail self storage space and guide.

We will show you how to make the best use of your space and make sure that your inventory is available whenever you need it.

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