Protect Your Tools with Boylin’s Self Storage

Tools are the backbone of many professions; however, the unfortunate reality is that theft of tools, particularly from vans, is an all too common occurrence. Losing essential tools not only disrupts work schedules but also imposes a financial burden on professionals.  To safeguard your valuable tools and equipment, investing in a self storage unit can be a wise decision.

The Rising Issue of Tool Theft

Tool theft has become a significant problem in recent years, affecting tradespeople, contractors, and even hobbyists. Criminals often target vans, as they are seen as easy targets with potentially valuable contents. The loss of tools can be financially devastating, with an average of £5,584 of equipment lost and at least a 6 week loss in earnings. It is crucial to take proactive measures to protect your tools from theft.

Why Vans Are Vulnerable

Vans are particularly susceptible to theft due to several reasons. Firstly, tools are typically stored in the back of the vehicle, making them readily visible and accessible to potential thieves. Moreover, vans often park in various locations, making them an attractive target for opportunistic criminals. Additionally, the ease of breaking into a van and the lack of security features in most commercial vehicles make them an appealing choice for thieves. To combat this issue effectively, an alternative storage solution is required.

The Benefits of Boylin’s Self Store Units

Boylin’s Self storage units provide a secure and reliable option for storing your tools and equipment. With Boylin’s, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Security – All of our sites are monitored by CCTV and have either fob or key access. These measures act as a strong deterrent to potential thieves.
  • Organised Space – By removing clutter from your van, you can optimise space, making it easier to find and access the tools you want when you need them.
  • Flexibility – Boylin’s Self store units come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your requirements. As your tool collection expands or contracts, you can easily adjust the unit size accordingly. You can also choose from both short and long term leases.
  • Easy access – You can enjoy same day access to your storage container, and the ability to drive directly to your container to upload and offload.

Contact Boylin’s Self Store today!

Theft of tools from vans continues to pose a significant challenge. To protect your valuable tools and minimise the risk of theft, call Boylin’s Self Store today! By investing in a self storage unit, you can focus on your work with peace of mind, knowing that your tools are secure and protected. Don’t let the fear of theft hinder your productivity; take control and safeguard your tools with Boylin’s Self Store.