You may be moving house, decorating, emigrating or simply needing to de-clutter. Either way you need somewhere easy, cost effective and safe for your items. In other words -straightforward hassle free personal or domestic self storage.

Our personal and domestic storage facilities are ideal for storing large household items such as furniture, clothing, large appliances, seasonal items like lawn mowers and patio furniture.

All our self storage facilities are at ground level so customers can drive up to their storage facility to easily off load or pick up their items. There are no lifts, corridors or uneven ground to contend with.

You will also benefit from our state of the art CCTV and barrier controls, not to mention our great prices backed by our price match guarantee.

To book one of our self storage units or for more information on the service we provide or information on new sites we are considering please contact us today.

The following gives you an idea on the size of self storage you would need depending on the size of your house.

Average House / Room Size: 1-2 bed (60/80sq ft)
Container Size Needed: 10ft containers (72sq ft)

Average House / Room Size: 3 Bed House (80/150sq ft)
Container Size Needed: 20ft container (150sq ft)

Average House / Room Size: 4 Bed House (150/200sq ft)
Container Size Needed: 40ft container (305sq ft)