Our Wakefield introductory offer is still available!

Are you looking for storage in Wakefield? If yes you will be happy to know that we can provide you with whatever space you need, and you will also be taking advantage of our introductory offer. Whether you are looking to store personal items, business documents, business inventory or even tools and supplies you will not find a Wakefield storage facility that beats the offer we provide.

Our prices start from just £18.99 a week for 150 sq ft and better yet, for the first month you pay just half the rental price. You can get 10 ft containers (72 sq ft) from £9.45 per week, 20 ft containers (150 sq ft) from £18.99 p/per week and

40 ft containers (305 sq ft) from £30.59 per week. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t; we deliver exactly what we promise, including top level security for all our containers. They are all watched by CCTV surveillance 24 hours a day and in addition to that we have installed access barriers so that only you can access your container.

Wakefield residents also love the fact that all our containers are weather proof – once you store anything with us it will remain in the same condition because our containers don’t allow moisture of any kind in. You don’t have to worry about damage such as warping, dust, rot or even mold and mildew.

In case you are wondering what kind of items you can store with us you will be happy to know that so long as it is legal you can lock it up in one of our containers. We obviously don’t allow things such as drugs, illegal weapons and anything perishable but you can store things such as personal items and business documents with us. We have also been providing safe storage for eBay businesses – when they buy stock they keep it with us until it is sold and ready to be shipped.

Tradesmen also come to us a lot looking for a place where they can store their tools and supplies overnight – they cannot leave them in their vans as they can be stolen. Regardless of your trade you can come and hire a container at Boylin’s – we will keep everything safe for you.

Lastly, if you have a car that needs to be stored you will be happy to know that we have containers that are reserved for just vehicles.

You can find out more about our Wakefield storage facility on our website, http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/locations/wakefield.htm

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