Our Bradford introductory offer is still available

Do you know that Bradford introductory offer is still available? You still have the opportunity of renting a 150 square feet container at a more reasonable price – £18.99 in a week. If you compare this price to the other storage containers within Bradford, you will realise how low it is. You can rent the containers for various uses even though most of the customers are business owners looking for the best way to store their documents. Some of the reasons why business owners opt for Bradford personal storage services include: –          Safer storage With the services you won’t worry about losing any of your documents. They will remain safe and also away from the prying eyes. We have already installed CCTV surveillance cameras on the property to help us monitor each and every container remotely. Furthermore, access barrier controls help us ensure that only the authorised persons can access a container. After storing a document with us, you won’t worry about privacy. –          The containers are airtight This means that regardless of the weather condition your documents will remain dry. You will find them in the exact same condition they were in when you stored them. Before we rent a storage container to you, we will clean it first. –          Open 7 days in a week With this type of service you will be able to access a document at any time of the day. –          Varying container sizes Our storage containers are available in various sizes and therefore you won’t rent a larger space than you require. You can also rent for a shorter duration such as one week or for a longer duration as you may like. –          The containers are on ground level This feature enables you to drive a box of documents right up to the container’s door. The reason why the containers are on the ground level is to allow you an easier time when taking out or storing a document. –          Highly affordable prices After all, our prices are the best. You will realize this when you start comparing us to the other storage facilities within the area. Avoid the risks associated with storing a document at home by storing it at Boyin’s self store. By doing this, you will also benefit for the great introductory offer. Call us today or visit our website to get the best services in town: http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/locations/bradford.htm

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