Off-site Wonders: The Importance of Museum Storage Spaces

There is an estimated 2,500 museums in the UK all of varying sizes. Due to several factors, museums often utilise self storage facilities to store and manage their collections. In this article we look at some key considerations:

Space Constraints

Many museums face challenges related to limited exhibition space or insufficient on-site storage facilities. Self storage units offer a practical solution by providing additional space to house collections that may not be on display at a given time. At Boylin’s Self Store we offer a range of container sizes to suit differing storage needs.

Size matters

Size matters


Self storage facilities provide museums with flexibility in managing their collections. They can easily rotate exhibits by accessing stored items as needed. This allows museums to keep their displays fresh and engage visitors with different themes or items over time. At Boylin’s Self Store we offer both short and long term rentals to suit customer requirements.


Boylin’s Self Store facilities offer security measures such as CCTV monitoring and access either via fob or key, ensuring the safety and protection of valuable museum items.


Renting with Boylin’s Self Store units is a cost-effective alternative to constructing or expanding on-site museum storage facilities. With Boylin’s, prices start at just £25 per week for a 150 sq ft container. This allows museums to allocate their budgets towards other aspects such as exhibition design, educational programs, or conservation efforts.

AccessibilityLocation, location, location

At Boylin’s Self Store we offer sites in 10 convenient locations, with the option of driving directly to your container to load and off load items from 6:00-18.30 on weekdays, 8:00-16:00 on Saturdays, and 08:00-14:00 on Sundays.  This affords curators and museum staff the flexible accessibility to schedule visits to the storage facility to retrieve or return items as required for exhibitions or research purposes.

It is worth noting that while self storage facilities offer practical storage solutions for museums, they may not be suitable for every type of collection. Museums must consider the specific needs of their artifacts, such as temperature, humidity, and security requirements, before opting for off-site storage.

Overall, utilising self storage facilities can provide museums with additional storage space, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions to manage their collections, contributing to the preservation, accessibility, and dynamic presentation of cultural heritage.

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