Need somewhere to store your business stock?…Look no further!

Many Yorkshire residents are turning to small businesses to augment their income. The problem is that space is often limited; whereas you may have enough space for an office in the home you don’t have any room to keep your stock. If you are one of these people you should call Boylin’s elf Store. We have been offering Yorkshire storage solutions for years and you can be sure that whatever your line of business, your stock will stay safe.

One of the main reasons why people choose us is the fact that we are extremely secure. There are CCTV cameras trained on the containers 24 hours a day and to deter intruders even further, each container has either fob or key access. You (and anyone else that you authorise) will be the only ones who can access your stock.

Boylin’s has also taken great care to ensure that nothing that is stored with us gets moisture damage – when items are stored in containers just the smallest amount of condensation will eventually ruin them. To avoid this we only use weather-proof containers. You can be sure that whatever you store with us will not only be safe but it will also be intact.

Unlike in many other Yorkshire storage facilities where you have to wait for a container to become available, Boylin’s has plenty of them so that clients can get storage space the same day that they ask for it. Minimal rental period is 1 week and you can rent for as long as you like. Additionally, the company has invested in containers of different sizes to allow clients to only rent the amount of space that they need. If you are not sure how much room your stock will take up there is always an employee who can help you figure it out.

The best thing about Boylin’s Self Store is our price –we are one of the most affordable storage facilities in the area, and if you compare the quality of storage you get with how much you pay you will see that you are getting a great deal. You pay just £16.99 p/w for a 150 sq ft storage container and for the first month, you only pay half of that. Renting is easy; just show some ID and pay the deposit and you are good to go.
You can find out more on or you can call 01226 321800 to rent a container for your stock today.

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