SORN Car Self Storage Help in Sheffield?

SORN Car Self Storage

Your SORN car is important – you want to hang on to it until you can get a high resale value, or you may even want to pass it down to someone in the family.

Storing it, however, can prove to be a challenge – you use your garage for your everyday car and you may not have enough room in there for 2 cars.

Storing it on the driveway is out of the question since it will affect its value. One good option is to rent a  SORN Car Self Storage container from Boylin’s Self Store in Sheffield for it.

Many people are turning to  SORN Car Self Storage containers in Sheffield as a reliable form of storage once they run out of space in their homes or businesses.

Your SORN car is expensive so you should not go with the first self storage container facility that you come across.

You should make sure that the facility is highly secure – the best ones have 24 hour CCTV surveillance as well as access barriers on all self storage containers, allowing only you to access your car as do ours at all Boylin’s Self Stores.

Find out whether there is an employee at the facility during the day and a night guard – it deters intruders.

Make sure that you choose a self storage facility in Sheffield that has weatherproof containers.

If you store your car in just any container condensation will form and car parts will start to rust.

These can be hard or even impossible to replace on a SORN car. There are, however, facilities that invest in self storage containers that keep cars in good condition regardless of weather as do all ours.

The self storage containers should be cleaned from top to bottom before you put your car in it – you don’t want to take any chances.

Many SORN Car Self Storage facilities operate with stacked containers, while this may be okay when you are storing small items they may not be such a good idea when you are storing a car – driving it in or out alongside a ramp is an unnecessary risk and inconvenience.

Instead, find a SORN Car Self Storage facility like ours in Sheffield that has all self storage containers at ground level and enough room so that you can drive your car right in or out.

All ours are on ground level.

Find out how long for you are able to rent the space for – some SORN Car Self Storage facilities only do short term rentals, while there are others that are happy to provide storage for as long as is required as do we.

Lastly, make sure that you service and test your car from time to time – your insurance company will want to know whether it works as it should, and regular testing also keeps everything in good order.

For more information on our sSORN Car Self Storage container solutions for cars in Sheffield from Boylin’s visit us on the web here:

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