My eBay business Is expanding where can I keep my stock?

Many people in the UK are choosing to sell goods on eBay as a way of generating supplemental income – it doesn’t take a lot of effort and there is a ready market. Storage of inventory, however, is a big problem. If they choose to store it at home it means that they have to hold a small inventory at once or look for a bigger house. Warehouses are also out of the question – they cost a lot of money and would eat into the profits. That is why storage units are such a great idea for eBay storage. They are secure and highly affordable.

Storage units are shipping containers that have been converted into storage spaces. They are easy to find in the UK – many companies are in the business because it is quite profitable. That said, you cannot rent the first storage containers that you come across; there are many that are not as good as they claim to be. When you are looking for storage containers look for these qualities:

•    The most important thing is security; how well does the company watch storage containers? You don’t want thieves to be able to gain access on your eBay stock storage so rent a container in a facility that has 24-hour CCTV surveillance. If they have fob or key access it is even better.

•    Look for a facility that has different sizes of storage containers – this way, you only rent as much space as you need.

•    Cost is a big deal when you are renting a storage container especially if you are looking for business storage solutions for the long term. You want to rent with a company that charges fair prices. It is even better if you can get them to throw in a discount because you will rent for a long time.

•    The best storage facilities in the UK have all their containers on ground level. This way, clients have an easy time placing or removing items. It helps if they have enough space so that clients can drive up to their containers.

•    Weather proofing is very important when you are renting storage containers – if you rent a unit that is not weather-proofed there is a very good chance that your items will be ruined. Find out whether the container you are renting will keep your items in good condition. It should also be cleaned before you put your items in.

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