Lock-Up Self Storage in Wakefield from Boylin’s

lock-up self storage in Wakefield - couple with boxesIt is not uncommon for homes in Wakefield to accumulate clutter – over time we all buy items that we eventually stop using and leave lying about.

There are ways you can de-clutter your home.

You can throw out items or you can even have a car boot sale.

If, however, there are some items that you don’t use but you would still like to hold on to you can rent our Boylin’s self storage Wakefield containers to store them in.

Our containers are very secure and if you rent from a renowned facility like us at Boylin’s Self Store you can be sure that your items will remain safe and sound. At Boylin’s our aim is to provide the best Wakefield storage facility.

We have many containers in order to ensure that clients can get one the same day that they order.

We pride ourselves in their security – we have 24 hour CCTV camera surveillance and in addition to that all our containers have either access or key fobs.

In other words, there will be no entry to your container unless you authorise it.

We have an employee at our Boylin’s self storage Wakefield facility at all times.

They are there to provide access to clients and also to give advice where it is needed.

If you are not sure how much space you will need they will help you figure it out, and they will also give you tips on how to best pack for best use of your self storage space.

Our containers come in different sizes so that our clients only need to rent the amount of space that they require.

You can start out with a small container and over time, as you accumulate more items you can move on to a bigger one.

All of them are cleaned out before they are rented out.

We only buy weatherproof containers ensuring that items remain in the same condition they were stored in. Whether it rains, shines or snows your precious property will not be damaged by moisture.

Our renting process is a simple.

Call us on 01924 379371 and book a container and you will get it the same day.

All you need to show is some ID and provide us with an address.

You will then bring your items, packed in boxes if they can fit, and put them in your space.

All containers are on ground level to make it easy to store and remove your property.

You can find more information on our Wakefield based facility by visiting our website here.

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