Is Your Financial Services Business Inundated By Client Files in Wakefield?

The Problem : Legal or Financial Services Business Archive Inundated

As the owner of a small legal or financial services business you want to make the most of your office space. Unfortunately, paperwork accumulates and before you know it lots of room will be dedicated to cabinets and boxes of paper. You may eventually find that you are using more space for storage than you are for business.

You can avoid all this by renting a self storage container or unit from Boylin’s in Wakefield.

These are self storage units that are rented either weekly or monthly for an affordable fee and you can safely store your documents there.

Your first concern may be privacy – how comfortable are you with all your client and employee files sitting in a self storage facility such as Boylin’s in Wakefield?

This is a real concern among business owners as leaked information can lead to lawsuits and other problems.

The answer is to rent a self store container from a reputable self storage facility such as us, Boylin’s Self Store in Wakefield.

Find one that has storage specifically for business document storage in Wakefield and that takes all precautions against breaches. It should have 24 hour CCTV surveillance as well as additional access barriers to ensure that only authorized persons can get into the containers.


Another common concern is document damage – what happens when it rains and then shines. Won’t condensation affect the documents?

The best way to go about ensuring that your documents are not damaged by moisture during storage is to rent from a self store facility in Wakefield that has waterproof containers as we do.

There are several other things that you should look for when you are renting a storage container in Wakefield.


Make sure that you rent from a facility that has storage containers of different sizes – over time your business size will vary so will the pile of documents you want to store.

Ground level – Easy Access

You should also rent from a self store facility in Wakefield that has all self storage containers on ground level – it makes it a lot easier to store and retrieve documents.

Inventory, Packing and Labeling

Make sure that you pack everything systematically – like documents of the same type should go in the same box and each box should be properly labelled. The boxes should be stored with the labels facing outwards and you should come up with a system that makes retrieval easy.


Find out what kind of access you have – what happens, for example, when you need to access documents on the weekend? Will there be someone at the facility to let you in?

If you take these factors into account when you are choosing a business document self storage facility you can be sure that you will find the right one.

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