Is storage space in Wakefield expensive?

Whether you are looking for Wakefield storage containers for business or personal use, one of the first things you will take into account is cost – you don’t want to pay more than you should to store your items. The truth is that the cost of Wakefield storage solutions varies a big deal. You will find that there are some companies that boast of storage costs that are much lower than the market average – some will tell you things like you will pay only half-price for twelve weeks, others promise you half price for 3 months and so on. On the opposite end there are others that are quite expensive. What you should be looking at when it comes to storage is the quality of service that you are getting compared to what you are paying.

In many cases, you will find that storage companies that offer very low cost storage do it because they are cutting corners – they don’t have a lot of costs to cover which allows them to be cheap. You may find that they are not secure enough, their containers lack weather-proofing or they come stacked one container on top of another which makes it a challenge to place or remove items.

Looking around, you will find that one of the best offers you can get is from Boylin’s Self Store. They have great storage and every dime you pay them is well worth it. They charge you £16.99 p/w for a 150 sq ft storage container and with that, here is what you get:

•    They have CCTV cameras on at all times which means that they can see every container. In addition to that, each container has fob or key access which means that only you or any other person you authorize can access your unit.

•    The facility can give you a storage unit the same day that you ask for it; many other facilities have waiting lists for clients. Each unit is cleaned thoroughly before being handed over to a new client.

•    You will get a weatherproofed container, which means that your items, whatever they are, will remain safe from damage so long as they are in storage.

•    You can access your items any time between 6 am and 6.30 pm. There is someone around at all times in case you need help.

•    All containers are on the ground and better yet, you can drive right up to yours.

You can book a container with Boylin’s Self Store today through their website,

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