Is storage space in Bradford expensive?

As someone who is looking to rent a storage container in Bradford, one of the things you will take into account is cost. There are many Bradford storage facilities and you will notice that they all charge different prices – there are some that are quite expensive while there are others that have mind-blowing offers. When it comes to renting storage space, it is very important not to judge a book by its cover – just because a company is offering cheap storage space doesn’t mean that they are the best deal in town.

There are many problems with cheap storage. Usually, companies are able to offer very cheap containers because they don’t have storage facilities of the highest standards. It is quite possible that they are using old storage containers which are cheaper to acquire – all they do is paint them over to make them look new. The problem with old storage containers is that they rust and have tiny holes over time. If you store your items in one of these they will be damaged by condensation when it becomes cold and then hot. Also, storage facilities that are cheap often don’t have proper security.

So what kind of Bradford storage solutions should you be looking for cost-wise? The best ones are the ones that charge a reasonable fee for excellent storage. One such facility is Boylin’s Self Store. They charge just £16.99 p/w for a 150 sq ft storage container and you get first month’s rental at half price. For this, here is what you can expect to get:

•    Your container has 24 hour CCTV surveillance as well as a fob or a key to ensure that only you can gain access.

•    Your container will be on ground level which makes it easy for you to place and remove your stored items (beware of stacked containers as they can be quite a hassle to manage.

•    You will get only as much room as you need – the facility has containers in different size unlike many Bradford storage solutions that have containers in one size only.

•    Each container is weatherproof, which means that so long as your items are in storage they are safe from damage regardless of the weather.

•    You will get a clean container the same day you ask for it.

You can find out more about Boylin’s Self Store by visiting or calling them on 01226 321 800.

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