Improve Your Move with Boylin’s Self Store

Family moving house with some paid help!

Are you emigrating and unable to take all of your possessions to your new home abroad, but want to keep them for the future?

Is your family moving house and need somewhere to store your items during the stressful moving process?

Are you moving into a smaller house and can no longer fit all of your property into your home but don’t want to throw precious items away?

Are you a student stuck between leases and reluctant to haul all your belongings back to the family home?

The Boylin’s Solution to all Your Moving Issues!

Boylin Self Store is the self storage solution for you and we are committed to finding the perfect storage unit for your specific budget, wants and needs.

If you are emigrating of course you cannot transport a beloved sofa abroad. But we at Boylin’s Self Store can enable you to keep large, transportable but useful and treasured furniture items or appliances safe until you return from abroad or have the space and want them back in your home.

Ease of Access

We know the personal upheaval of moving can be so stressful and draining so we at Boylin’s Selfstore aim to make storage as hassle free as possible. Therefore, not only are our containers available instantly so you can gain access for your storage unit the very same day, all our containers also conveniently have ground floor accessibility. So you can immediately drive directly up to your container to offload or pick up your items, making the transportation and storage of your big bulky items such as sofas, dining table or chairs, during your move easier, saving you time and stress.

improve your move with Boylin's self store

Competitive Prices & Variety in Sizes

We can also save you money through our helpful price match guarantee and our wide range of cost effective containers from just £9.45pw. We also provide a variety of different sized containers to suit whatever size house you may have, no matter the amount and size of items you will wish to store we will have a container to suit your needs. As well as this we have options for short term leases during a simple short distance move or long term leases for students storing items over the summer or clients emigrating for months or years, so whatever your individual moving situation we can provide for you.

Security & Weather Protection

We at Boylin’s Self Store know the last thing you want to worry about during your already stressful move is the safety of your treasured belongings. So we guarantee that your personal property will be completely safe, guarded and protected from the elements or potential theft in our dependable storage units. All of our storage units are wind and water tight as well as completely secure as all of our sites have state of the art CCTV and barrier controls installed which are only accessible through individual key or fob. So the safety of your items is one less thing to stress about during your move.

Improve your move with Boylin's Self Store


We have many accessible sites in prime locations such as: Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Swinton and Wakefield so if you live in the vicinity of these areas, contact us for your storage solution.

Opening Times

Our sites are accessible during the following handy hours: 06:00 – 18:30 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00 Saturdays, and 08:00 – 14:00 Sundays.

Visit our website for more information and advice about what size storage unit will suit your moving situation.

Make Your Move smooth with Boylin’s Self Store.