If you’re moving abroad but don’t want to part with your belongings, put them into storage with us

Your boss has just told you that an opportunity has come up abroad and he would like you to go and work there for some time, or maybe business or relatives are calling and you have to go away for more than a few months. Should you continue paying rent for your home just to keep your belongings there? This is a dilemma that many people face all the time. While they are happy to go away for a spell they don’t want to sell their personal items and even their cars as obviously they will need them when they get back. It makes sense to look for an alternative form of storage and stop paying rent just to keep your property together. In fact, even if you own your home it makes sense that you store your items and then rent or lease the house to make some money. So what do you do with all your things? One of the best places that you can store your personal items is with Boylin’s Self Store. We have been helping individuals across Yorkshire store items for extended periods for many years now and you can be sure that whatever you leave under our care will remain safe in our storage containers. Boylin’s takes security very seriously, which is why we have installed 24 hour CCTV camera surveillance on all containers. In addition to that each has additional access barriers – only you or people you allow will be able to get into your container. In case you are wondering whether your items will remain intact, you will be happy to know that all containers at Boylin’s Self Store are weatherproof, which means that no moisture will ever get to your belongings. There is no harm of damage such as rust, discoloration or even warping. Whether you store furniture, electronics, carpets, clothing or carpets you will find them all in the same state when you come back home. Boylin’s takes care of another problem for you – we have storage containers where you can store your car as well. This for many people is a big plus because they don’t have to deal with 2 storage companies; having everything under one roof also provides peace of mind. As you can see, there is no need to sell your items just because you will be going to live abroad for a while. Visit http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/ and ask about renting a storage container today.

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