If your business is stocking up for Christmas, why not consider using a storage container for your inventory?

With Christmas just around the corner your Bradford business is expecting to make a lot more sales, which means that you have to have more inventory than usual. Unfortunately, if you are like most small businesses you have to deal with one major problem – storage for the inventory. Businesses do not want to store inventory in the premises because they want to put it to more productive use. The other place that they can store their inventory is in a warehouse but the cost of this can eat into y our Christmas profits. There is one other option that is left and lucky for you it is a good one – you can store your inventory in a storage container at Boylin’s Self Store. This company has been successfully storing inventory for Bradford businesses for a long time. Business owners have been choosing Boylin’s over the years for several reasons. The first is just how secure their facility is. You see, they understand that to a small company inventory is everything – should they lose it the business can even be forced to shut down. That is why they take extra care to make sure that all their containers are safe. They are all under 24 hour CCTV surveillance and they all have additional access barrier to ensure that only authorized people can access them. The containers at Boylin’s Self Store are also weatherproof. You do not have to worry about the cold and wet Christmas weather getting to your inventory – it will remain in good condition for as long as it is stored at this storage facility. In addition to that all containers are on ground level. Most storage companies in the area usually stack two containers one on top if another in order to save space. This is not the case at Boylin’s. To make it easy for clients to move inventory in and out they have even left enough space between containers to allow you to drive right up to yours. You don’t have to rent storage space with Boylin’s for this Christmas only – you can make use of their business storage solutions year round – their containers can be rented for as short as 1 week and for as long as you like. In addition to that they cleaned thoroughly before they are rented out to a new client. There is no waiting period either – you get a container the same say that you ask for it. In case you rent a container but later realize that your inventory needs have grown you can move to a bigger one since Boylin’s has containers in different sizes. If you are having a hard time figuring what size of container will be best for the amount of inventory you have there is an employee present who can help you. Find out more on http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/businessStorage/

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