If you have a growing eBay business, we have the storage solution for you


Any business owners that operate on eBay will need sufficient storage space. This is because the firm will continually be expanding leaving you with limited space to store the extra merchandise at your home. Boylin’s Self Store offers business storagefacilities that will meet all your needs.

We have several stores spread all over Yorkshire -Leeds, Barnsley, Rotherham, Wakefield, and Sheffield. All these storage sites have sufficient storage facilities that can accommodate eBay business users.
Some of the storage benefits that eBay users are likely to experience with us include:
•    Clean and dry storage facilities: we ensure that we have valeted all our containers before renting them out.
•    Easy drive up to your storage unit which makes it easy for you to load and unload
•   We mind your budget by offering with all-sized containers which allow you to start on a smaller unit and move on to a larger one once your business has expanded
•    Security is also high as we have installed a CCTV system that monitors all the units, and also access to the containers can only be obtained through keys or fobs.
Depending on what business storage your eBay firm requires, we offer you with the choice of the following container sizes: 
1.    Container Size: 10ft containers (72sq ft)

Prices from: £9.45pw

2.    Container Size: 20ft container (150sq ft)

Prices from: £16.50pw

3.     Container Size: 40ft container (305sq ft)
Prices from: £28.85pw
All the quoted prices are inclusive of VAT.
To hire your storage container you are required to provide the following as verification:
•    Company proof: you need to submit letter-headed paper that includes Company Registration and VAT number. In case you do not have this, a photo ID will be required.
•    Company Address ID:  you can submit a utility bill, a bank statement or any similar documents
•    An initial move in amount payable by card as a month’s rent plus a refundable deposit of £50.00
Boylins’ Self Store has a great team that works towards offering all our customers the appropriate storage facilities whether for personal or business storage purposes. We are continually working towards improving our services and ensure that all our customers’ storage needs are met.
For any eBay business storage, you are encouraged to contact Boylin’s Self Store Company by either calling them or reaching them via their website. They offer the best eBay storage Rotherham services and will always ensure that you get the best service for your money.  To get more insight on their eBay storage services you view their website http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/businessStorage/ebaybusinesses/
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