I need somewhere to store my tools that’s easily accessible…look no further!

Whether you are a Yorkshire plumber, an electrician, gardener or even painter, you need somewhere safe to store your tools – storing them in your van overnight is a bad idea because it can attract vandals. In addition to that you don’t want them in your van all the time because they create too much clutter and they may also get damaged. That is why storage containers such as you will find at Boylin’s Self Store are such a good idea. There are several reasons why they are considered the best Yorkshire Storage Solutions:
•    They are one of the most secure storage solutions in Yorkshire; all containers are watched through CCTV and in addition to that each container either has fob or key access.
•    As a tradesman you will often find that your space needs change from time to time. Sometimes you will have more tools and supplies which means that you require a smaller storage space. Boylin’s understands this and that is why they have invested in containers of different sizes.
•    Their containers are all weather proof which means that everything you store there, regardless of how long, will be in good condition.
•    Unlike other storage facilities in Yorkshire, you will be happy to know that at Boylin’s you can get a storage container the same day you pay for it. In addition to that you can rent for as long as you like and for as short as one week.
•    Their rental prices are lower than those of other facilities in the area – you pay just £16.99 p/w for a 150 sq ft storage container. You also get to rent the first month at half price.
•    Their rental prices is a very straightforward one – just bring some form of ID, pay a deposit and the container is yours.
•    Every container is cleaned before it is handed over to a new owner.
•    Have you ever seen stacked containers? They can be a big hassle especially if you have to lug heavy tools and supplies in and out. Boylin’s are well aware of this which is why their containers are all on ground level.
•    If you need help there is always an employee on site.
Don’t risk your tools by choosing a storage facility that is not as good as Boylin’s Self Store. You can find out more on their website, http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/ or by calling them on 01226 321800.

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