“I don’t want to leave my tools in my van overnight in case they are stolen” – don’t worry, you can put them into storage with us


As a Yorkshire tradesman, one of the most important investments for your job is your tools – they allow you to do what you do for your clients. In fact, if you lost them you would not be able to make any money because you would not be able to work. In addition to that tools cost a lot of money – if they are stolen they will set you back quite a bit. This means that it is very important to figure out where you should store them every night. The problem is that you don’t have enough room in your home for tools storage – you obviously don’t want to take them into your home because they create clutter, and the garage may not be ideal because they aren’t very safe there. Neither should you store them in your van as it may be broken in to. Don’t despair yet; you can keep your tools safe every night if you store them at Boylin’s Self Store. We have been a reliable tradesmen storage company for years and you can be sure that we will keep your tools safe every night. You will have them in locked containers that are under 24 hour CCTV surveillance and in addition to that each container has access barriers that allow only container owners to get in. In fact, you can store more than your tools; you can store all your supplies there including things such as paint, wiring, piping, chemicals and whatever else is needed for your job so long as it is legal. We are the preferred Yorkshire storage specialists for tradesmen not just because we have top notch security. You can expect your tools to remain in top condition however long you store them because all our containers are weatherproof – no moisture gets in which means there is no risk of damage such as rust or warping. People also like the fact that the containers come in different sizes – you don’t have to rent more space than you need, and if you find yourself with more tools and supplies in the future you can always rent a larger container. Don’t leave your tools overnight in your car as you increase the risk of it being broken into by vandals. Visit the Boylin’s Self Store website, http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/ and rent storage for your tools.

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