I don’t know how long I’ll need the storage container for; does that matter?

Often when Yorkshire residents hire a storage container they don’t know how long they will need it for. The problem, however, is that many Yorkshire storage companies don’t allow clients short-term rental; they have clauses that state that clients can hire containers for at least a month and some offer even longer minimum terms. This forces clients to sometimes pay for space that they don’t need with money that they would otherwise have saved.

Boylin’s Self Store, however, is different. We allow clients to lease on a week by week basis so that it doesn’t matter whether or not they know how long they will need the container for. This has turned out to be of great benefit to some of our regular clients such as tradesmen, who hire containers to store tools and supplies, as well as business people who want to store inventory. The fact that they can rent on a week by week basis means that they don’t have to pay large amounts of money for space that they may not need.
We also have containers of varying sizes. This also means that our customers never pay for space that they don’t need. By buying containers of different sizes we allow clients to pay only for the amount of room that they need to store their items.

Boylin’s is also very careful when it comes to security. We have installed CCTV cameras that are on 24 hours a day so that we can monitor movement on all containers. Each container has either fob or key access for added security. The containers are cleaned thoroughly before they are handed over to new clients.

Stacking containers is also a practice that makes it hard for clients to store and remove items. Boylin’s Self Store has realised this and to that end, we have all our containers at ground level. To make it even easier for clients, there is enough room to allow people to drive right up to their container to load/unload.

You can find out more about our fantastic service and many locations across Yorkshire on our website, http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/

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