I am worried about hiring too much storage and it not being affordable

Hiring storage solutions in Wakefield is not easy; many people worry that it will be too expensive, they will have to rent bigger containers than they need, that their items may not be safe and so on. These are all legitimate concerns. Many storage solutions in Wakefield are not ideal. They overcharge their clients, they have containers only in one size that are not climate controlled and they are not very keen on safety. There is one that is different though; Boylin’s Self Store is unique because it outs its clients ahead of everything else. Here is what you will get by storing your items at Boylin’s Self Store:
•    They out container security at the top of the list. All containers are under 24 hour CCTV surveillance and they also have additional access barriers. What this means is that no one else will be able to access your container but you. •    The containers at Boylin’s Self Store come in different sizes which means that you only rent the amount of room that you need. Other Wakefield storage facilities have containers all in one size which forces clients to rent space that they don’t need. •    You will get very competitive prices if you rent a container at Boylin’s. If you compare the quality of service that you get there with how much you pay you will find that you are getting a better deal than you would even with the big storage companies. •    Boylin’s buys only weatherproof containers. What this means for you is that any items you store with them will stay in the condition that you left them in. In case you don’t know, changes in temperature can be a big problem when it comes to storage containers. When the weather changes from cold to hot there is condensation which can lead to all kinds of problems. •    You can store all kinds of items at this storage facility. They offer business storage for things such as inventory, tradesmen storage for tools and suppliers, personal storage, document storage, hobby storage and even vehicle storage. •    The minimum rental period at Boylin’s Self Store is 1 week unlike in other facilities where clients are forced to pay for a minimum of a month. You can also get a container the same day that you ask for it. •    Boylin’s takes customer service very seriously. If you have a problem or a concern there is always an employee on site to help you. •    Boylin’s are open all day on weekdays and you can get in between 6am and 6pm on Saturdays and 8 am and 2 pm on Sundays. You can find out more about how to rent a container at Boylin’s Self Store on their website, http://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/locations/wakefield.htm 
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