How to spruce up Your Yard for Spring 2018 in Bradford?

Ornamental garden with majestically blossoming large cherry trees on a fresh green lawn
Spring is around the corner and people are spending more and more time outside due to the warmer weather.

It is time to start putting away your winter stuff and ensure that your yard is ready for the new season’s activities.

Here are three things that you need to do to spruce up your courtyard for spring.

1.    Take care of the lawn

An attractive lawn needs constant care so that it can look green and healthy during the hot seasons.
Here are the areas to pay attention to when doing lawn maintenance:
  1. Fertilize; use fertilizers that are high in nutrients and particularly high concentrations of nitrogen. Apply it to the soil close to the roots.
  2. Aerate; create holes all over the lawn in intervals within 1-3 years to make it possible for water, nutrients, and oxygen to go through to the roots of the grass.
  3. Water; water the lawn at least once a week to prevent deep roots from dying out.
  4. Mow frequently; maintain the grass at a good length. Trim about a third of the grass to encourage growth.
  5. Get rid of dry grass; use rake to remove dry or dead plants to enable the water and sunlight to penetrate the soil and reach the deepest roots.
  6. Spruce up the flowerbeds; spread manure on flowerbeds to prevent the soil from losing moisture, enrich the soil, and minimize weeds.

2.    Keep the shed organised

 If you have a shed in your compound, it is advisable that you clean and put things in order occasionally to keep items where they can easily be found whenever you want to use them.
This will definitely save you a lot of time.
Some of the things you should do to ensure that your shed is clean and well-organized include:
  1. Remove everything from the shed.
  2. Clean it completely and check whether there are any animals or pests that have started to inhabit the shed.
  3. Arrange equipment depending on how frequently they will be used in the upcoming season.
  4. Put summer equipment near the entrance. These include garden tools and lawnmowers.
  5. Think of storing some equipment in a storage unit especially those that will not be needed during summer and those that you rarely use.

 3.    Put away winter equipment

Store winter equipment to create space for summer tools.A self storage unit is one place you should consider storing these items because it will help you reduce clutter around your home and give your yard a more organised look and space. The best self store facilities should offer secure, weatherproof shipping container for rent in many different sizes as we do at Boylin’s Self Store in Bradford.
If you are looking for self storage in Bradford, contact us for reliable and modern self storage facilities.
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